How to fix WDF_VIOLATION Error in Windows 10

Windows users are facing a new Blue Screen of Death error. It says WDF_VIOLATION and with the familiar message that Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. Although PC boots back up after this error, it crashes the system which can be frustrating. It is important to understand WDF meaning to prevent it from causing serious issues in the future. If you are also dealing with the same problem, you are at the right place. We bring to you a perfect guide that will help you fix WDF_violation error windows 10 along with explaining what is WDF.

How to fix WDF_VIOLATION Error in Windows 10

How to fix WDF_VIOLATION Error in Windows 10

You must be thinking that what is WDF, WDF stands for Windows Driver Framework. It is a collection of tools and libraries which helps make device drivers. WDF_VIOLATION error occurs when there is a problem with the framework-based driver. It is common in HP computers but seen in other PCs as well. Here are some reasons behind it.

  • In HP systems, it is caused due to HpqKbFiltr.sys (version keyboard driver which doesn’t work properly in 1803 and 1809 version of Windows 10.
  • Corrupt Bluetooth drivers
  • Connectivity issues with USB devices
  • System files issues
  • Bugs in recent Windows builds
  • Malware or Virus attack

WDF error screen

After understanding what is wdf and the reasons behind WDF_VIOLATION error let’s go to the methods to fix it. As this error is driver related, the first step is to make sure all connected devices and their driver files are compatible with your PC. Here is how to fix WDF_violation error windows 10.

Method 1: Remove Faulty Keyboard Driver (For HP users)

This method is for HP users facing the error. Uninstalling incompatible HpqKbFiltr.sys driver may fix the issue but it is not straightforward. You will need to enter Windows Recovery Environment for it, follow our guide to do so.

1. Launch Windows Settings by pressing Windows and I keys simultaneously.

2. Click on Update & Security tile.

Update and Security option

3. Click on Recovery and in the right pane and click on Restart now button under Advanced Startup section.

Restart now button. How to fix WDF_VIOLATION Error in Windows 10

4. Wait for your system to enter Windows Recovery Environment and click on Troubleshoot under Choose an Option.

Troubleshoot option

5. Select Advanced Options next.

6. Click on Command Prompt.

Command Prompt option. How to fix WDF_VIOLATION Error in Windows 10

7. Depending on your system specifications, carefully enter below command lines given below and press enter key to execute them.

  • Command for 32-bit version:
dism /Image:C\ /Remove-Driver /Driver: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\hpqkbfiltr.inf_x86_f1527018cecbb8c2\HpqKbFiltr.inf
  • Command for 64-bit version:
dism /Image:C:\ /Remove-Driver/Driver: c:\Windows\System32\driverstore\FileRepository\hpqkbfiltr.inf_amd64_714aca0508a80e9a\HpqKbFiltr.inf

Note 1: You can check your system information by going to Settings > System > About and under Device Specifications look for a System type.

Note 2: If Windows on your PC is not installed on C: drive, replace C: in commands given with the drive letter in which you have your Windows.

command to remove faulty driver for 64 bit operating system. How to fix WDF_VIOLATION Error in Windows 10

8. Exit command prompt once command has been executed. Restart your PC.

Check if you have resolved WDF_violation error windows 10 issue.

Note: There is an official Microsoft KB4468304 patch which removes HpqKbFiltr.sys driver automatically. If you are able to start your PC, you can download it from here. Install it and see if it fixes the issue.

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Method 2: Run Startup Repair

In the case where this error appears immediately after your PC turns on, Windows Startup Repair tool can help you. It is designed to diagnose and fix all kinds of startup issues. Follow the steps below to use it.

1. Go to Update & Security > Recovery > Advanced Startup and restart your PC, then select Troubleshoot option as shown in Method 1

2. Click on Startup Repair.

Startup Repair option. How to fix WDF_VIOLATION Error in Windows 10

Windows will start diagnosing and automatically fix any problems it finds. You can find Log file of the identified problems and repairs made at the given location path to check.


Method 3: Disconnect USB Devices

External devices require drivers to communicate with the computer and if these driver files are incompatible or corrupt, errors like WDF_VIOLATION may occur. Follow the steps below.

1. Disconnect all connected USB peripherals, starting from the newest, and then reconnect them one by one until you have identified the problematic device. You can follow our guide to fix USB keeps disconnecting and reconnection issues.

Fix USB Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

2. If a USB device is indeed causing the issue, search online for compatible driver files and install them manually or get a replacement for the device.

Method 4: Disable USB Ports

Another way to resolve WDF_violation error windows 10 is to disable USB ports on your device. There are two ways to do this, one by using BIOS, and another by using Device Manager. Here are the steps to do it using Device Manager.

1. Press the Windows key, type device manager, and click on Open.

Open device manager

3. Locate and expand Universal Serial Bus controllers by double clicking it.

Universal Serial Bus controllers highlighted. what is WDF and How to fix WDF_VIOLATION Error in Windows 10

4. Right-click on the USB Composite Device and select Disable device.

Disable device option. what is WDF

5. Click on Yes when prompted to confirm.

6. Repeat the above step for all USB Composite Devices.

Check if WDF_violation error windows 10 is addressed.

If you wish to disable USB ports from the BIOS menu, follow our guide to learn how to access BIOS and then go to BIOS > Advanced Tab > Miscellaneous Devices > External USB Ports > Disable

BIOS Menu Advanced Chipset. what is WDF and How to fix WDF_VIOLATION Error in Windows 10

Note: The exact labels in BIOS may vary depending on the manufacturer.

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Method 5: Reinstall Bluetooth Device Drivers

In some cases, outdated Bluetooth drivers can also prompt the WDF_VIOLATION BSOD error when Bluetooth device is connected to the system. You can fix it by uninstalling these drivers. But first, you must boot your system into Safe Mode then uninstall the Bluetooth device drivers as shown below.

1. In Safe Mode, open Device Manager as shown in Method 3.

2. Double click on Bluetooth or click on the tiny arrow next to it to expand.

3. Right-click on device and select Properties from menu.

Properties option. what is WDF and How to fix WDF_VIOLATION Error in Windows 10

4. Go to Driver tab and click on Uninstall Device button.

5. In Uninstall Device pop-up, check the box marked Delete the driver software for this device and click on Uninstall to confirm.

Delete the driver software for this device box

6. After uninstalling the driver, reboot the PC.

7. Download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website (e.g. Lenovo).

Qualcomm atheros bluetooth driver download lenovo official website. what is WDF and How to fix WDF_VIOLATION Error in Windows 10

8. Boot your PC back normally by using our guide on How to Exit Safe Mode.

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Method 6: Repair System Files

System files on Windows 10 PC can get corrupted via third-party applications, malware, etc. or they may be missing altogether. It can cause WDF_violation error windows 10. You can run DISM & SFC scan now repair tools to repair or replace corrupted files by following our guide to Repair System Files on Windows 10

dism scanhealth command. what is WDF and How to fix WDF_VIOLATION Error in Windows 10

Method 7: Perform System Restore

If WDF_VIOLATION error started after installing a new application or making changes to the Registry, you should try restoring the system back to a previous state. System Restore function in Windows 10 regularly creates restore points to revert back to whenever required. Follow our guide to Create a System Restore Point in Windows 10.

System restore wizard

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Method 8: Reset Windows

If none of the above methods worked for you, you might need to perform hard reset. Only perform this method when it is absolutely necessary and you have no choice. You can reset your system while keeping all your files intact by following our guide to Reset Windows 10 Without Losing Data.

Here, select Reset your PC, as highlighted. what is WDF and How to fix WDF_VIOLATION Error in Windows 10

Note: If you can, we recommend reinstalling Windows using installation media in case the error persists.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to fix WDF_violation error in Windows 10 along with learning what is WDF and WDF meaning. Let us know which method worked for you the best. If you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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