How to Fix VLC does not support UNDF Format

VLC is one of the best players for windows that I have come across which absolutely play all the major file formats. But still, there are some formats which the beast can’t run and one of them is UNDF format. Many users are facing the problem while running the UNDF formats so let’s see how to fix VLC does not support UNDF Format.

How to Fix VLC does not support UNDF Format

How to Fix VLC does not support UNDF Format

What does the UNDF file format mean?

UNDF File Format, is in fact, the undefined file format. It means that the player is unable to define the format and unable to recognize it. Mainly, it is being seen in the VLC player, when we try to run the file which is not completely downloaded and also in the completely downloaded files.

Why VLC gives VLC does not support UNDF format error?

The main reason for the VLC does not support UNDF format error is the partial or incomplete download of the file, which we are trying to run. The other reason may be a corrupted file and even due to some internal issues within the file. The non-availability of appropriate codes required to play the concerned file is one of the reasons for VLC not capable of playing files. However, there are some instances, where even if the file is correct in all aspects, faces the same issues, displaying the message “No suitable decoder module: VLC does not support the audio or video format “undf”.

How to Fix VLC does not support UNDF Format?

In a way, Combined Community Codec Pack is a simple and highly efficient codec pack, suitable for all kinds of users. It provides the full support of the audio and video file and offers the extremely easy solution to trouble related to the UNDF Format. The other solution is that you can try the latest version of the VLC Player, which many times, rectifies the error shown in the previous versions. So, before going for the Combined Community Codec Pack, our advice is to try the latest version of the VLC Player.

Fix VLC does not support UNDF Format

1. First, install the latest version of VLC from here.

2. Check if updating VLC fixes the issue if not then continue.

3. Download Combined Community Codec Pack from here.

4. Install the Combined Community Codec Pack and run the file again in VLC.

5. UNDF file must be running in VLC properly without any error if not then go to the next step.

6. Right-click on the file and select open with MPC-HC and you won’t get any error.

7. Enjoy playing your video without any error.

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I hope your problem is fix with this “How to Fix VLC does not support UNDF Format” guide but if you still have any query regarding this guide feel free to ask in the comment’s section.

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  1. please help me. i tried it. my video is showing in 2 halfs. can u help? means in one screen two half are playing same video

  2. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Mayweather

    With a video converter like wonderfox hd video converter factory, you can convert the “undf” video and audio files to MP4, AVI, MP3 and other common files supported by VLC to fix VLC does not support undf problem.

  3. If you’re worried about playing only one Undf file or Ten files… U can transfer the files to ur Android tap rename.. After renaming you’ll be able to change its format.. Suppose my file name is “Rock Dance” u should simply write “Rock Dance.mp4”

    Then try to play it on Ur pc.. It will work..

    But as i said. U can rename 10 files on ur android.. Renaming much files will be frustrating for u..

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