How to Fix Temporarily Blocked on Messenger

Follow the article to start using Messenger again to connect with your friends and family.

Why am I temporarily restricted from sending messages on Messenger? It might be if you have violated the policy and guidelines or it can simply be a temporary glitch. Don’t worry as we’ll provide solutions to fix temporary blocked on Messenger issue so that you can start messaging again.

How to Fix Temporarily Blocked on Messenger

How to Fix Temporarily Blocked on Messenger

Meta has a strict security algorithm. So if anyone is not following the guidelines, then they are bound to face restrictions along the way. But sometimes it’s just a mistake on the algorithm’s side, and the user hasn’t done anything wrong. If you also facing a temporary block and want to know how to fix temporarily blocked on Messenger, then read ahead. No matter, if you broke any guidelines or if it’s just a mistake from Facebook’s side, we will solve it.

Quick Answer

Try to submit a report regarding a technical problem to Facebook. Here are the steps to do so.

1. Launch Messenger and tap on your profile.

2. Select the Report Technical Problem option.

3. Finally, tap on REPORT PROBLEM button.

Why am I Temporarily Restricted from Sending Messages on Messenger?

As we said, there are two possible reasons, first you have violated their privacy policy and guidelines. The second possibility is, as Facebook’s safety is mainly handled by Facebook bots. Sometimes, you might haven’t done anything wrong and get punished. In that case, it is easy to solve it and your ban might get lifted in record time.

There can be another reason, they might have detected your account to be a bot. It is possible if you are not using your real name or if some suspicious activities happening to your account. Then, Facebook might block it for your safety. In that case, the solution is to verify your identity, and everything will become normal again.

On Facebook’s official help page, they have included three reasons for the temporary restriction,

  • When somebody posts multiple posts in a short amount of time
  • Shared a post that doesn’t follow community standards
  • Shared posts marked as unwelcomed by Facebook and its users

How Long is a Temporary Block on Facebook Messenger?

Let’s know how long it takes a temporary block on Facebook Messenger to be revoked. The time is depended on the offense itself. So, we cannot say for sure. However, if it is a relatively small mistake from your side then it will lift pretty soon, maybe won’t take 48 hours! But if it is relatively a bigger offense, then Facebook’s measures on your account can be serious, and it will take a long time. If you do the same mistake twice, then it is possible that your account can get banned for a lifetime. However, if the bots have done it, then the moment you lift it with the Facebook team, and they check everything, the ban will be lifted.

Method 1: Report Technical Problem

If you think the error is from Facebook’s side, then only you can use this method. As if you’ve done something wrong, then it won’t work. So please keep that in mind before writing and implementing it. After you report the problem, the Facebook team will look after it and notify you about the progress. Here are the steps that you can follow. W

1. Open the Messenger app and tap on your profile picture.

tap on your profile picture. why am i temporarily restricted from sending messages on Messenger

2. Now, select Report Technical Problem.

Report Technical Problem

3. Then, tap on Report Problem.

tap on Report Problem

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Method 2: Contact Customer Support

You can reach Facebook support, and they will guide you to lift the temporary ban. There are two ways to contact the support, you can do it by tagging them on Twitter. Facebook has an active team who are constantly monitoring and managing its official Twitter account. However, there is also an account for Meta, which is their parent company, and an account for the messenger app.

The second way to contact Facebook is to do it via their official support page. They have a full database of articles, which can help you to solve your problem.

Facebook Help Center Page. How to Fix Temporarily Blocked on Messenger

Method 3: Create Alternative Account

You can use other social media sites and enjoy your virtual social life. But if you want to use Facebook and the temporary ban seems an eternity long, then there is only one option left. Just create an alternative Facebook account. We know that it can be a hectic job to send the friend request again and customize the account according to your needs. That’s why we have included this as a last resort. When nothing works for you, then consider this option.

Facebook Sign up page. why am i temporarily restricted from sending messages on Messenger

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How to Prevent Getting Temporarily Blocked

The answer to your question, how to prevent from getting temporarily blocked, is pretty easy. There are some rules that you should always follow. Here are the things you can do to prevent getting a temporary ban:

  • Don’t share too many posts in a short period of time
  • Read community guidelines carefully and make sure you follow them
  • Post content that is sensible and doesn’t harm anybody in any way
  • Don’t use fake names that look suspicious to others and Facebook
  • Don’t share messages with every contact and only share them with friends and family or to whom it is related to
  • Don’t share suspicious messages in your contact circle

We hope you were able to fix temporarily blocked on Messenger problem. If you still have any doubts, then don’t forget to use the comment section and we will try to solve them. You can also suggest us new topic and we might write a whole article on that. Save your site to your bookmark for future reference. Thank you for reading.

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