12 Easy Ways to Fix PUBG Mobile Facebook Login Problem

Steer your way through the login storm and reignite your PUBG battlefield pursuits!

Users often link their Facebook accounts to the PUBG mobile game as it enables them to connect and play with their friends. Additionally, they can share their gameplay moments and achievements on their timelines. Unfortunately, some users have reported a problem that the PUBG mobile Facebook login process is not working. If you are facing the same, don’t worry! We will help you fix this error. Let’s get started.

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Facebook Login Problem

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Facebook Login Problem

While battlegrounds in PUBG echo with the sound of victory, it’s annoying to encounter hiccups accessing your Facebook account through it. However, games are often prone to technical glitches that can sometimes hinder their functionality. Let’s go through the causes and fix the error further in this article. 

Quick Answer

Try logging in using Facebook web version instead of the app. If that doesn’t help, update both PUBG and Facebook as follows:

1. Launch Google Play Store and search for Facebook.

2. Tap on Update.

3. Similarly search for PUBG Mobile and Update it.

What Causes PUBG Mobile Lite Facebook Login Issue?

Players may encounter several issues when attempting to log in to PUBG Mobile with Facebook. Some common causes of this error are:

  • Don’t have the Facebook app installed
  • Haven’t logged in to the Facebook account earlier
  • PUBG server downtime
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • PUBG Mobile account banned

Now that you know the reasons, let’s fix the issue.

Method 1: Restart Game, then Device

Temporary glitches often get fixed just by restarting the application. Exit from the game and remove it from background apps. Now wait for some time and restart it. Check if you can now log in to your Facebook account. If it does not help, restart your phone.

Method 2: Wait for Server Uptime

As an online game, PUBG Mobile largely relies on its servers to connect players and deliver functionality. If the server is facing discrepancies, you may encounter a connectivity problem that prevents you from logging in and playing the game. You can check it on Downdector for PUBG.

Downdector for PUBG | pubg mobile facebook login problem

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Method 3: Update PUBG Mobile & Facebook App

Updating the game could be a solution as it often includes bug fixes, security updates, and other improvements that can resolve various issues, including the PUBG Mobile Facebook login not working. Therefore, read our guide on How To Automatically Update All Android Apps At Once.

How To Automatically Update All Android Apps At Once

Method 4: Troubleshoot Internet Connection

Slow and unstable internet connection is one of the major reasons to cause the Facebook login problem in PUBG Mobile. We suggest you switch to a better internet source. You can refer to our guide on How to Boost Internet Speed on Your Android Phone.

Click-on-the-toggle-switch-located-next-to-‘Airplane-mode’-to-turn-it-off (1)

Method 5: Clear Cache

When you use the app and play games, it creates temporary files in the device. Insufficient storage space or corrupt cache data can interfere with the functionality of the game. To ensure that you can log in to your Facebook account from PUBG, clear cache files from the device. Follow our guide on 4 Ways to Clear Cache on Android Phone.

Find the option to Clear Cache and Clear Data | pubg mobile facebook login problem

Method 6: Install the Facebook App

It is possible that you might be facing the error while logging in to the Facebook account using a browser. We suggest you download the Facebook app, log in through it and see if the issue gets resolved by this.


Method 7: Log in to Facebook Web 

If you are not able to download the Facebook app or already have it but still face problems while trying to login through PUBG Mobile, try the browser instead to log in to the Facebook website.

Facebook website | pubg mobile facebook login problem

Method 8: Repair PUBG Mobile

While you are encountering issues with PUBG Mobile, such as crashes or problems logging in using the Facebook account, you can repair the game. Here are the steps to be performed:

1. Launch the PUBG Mobile app and navigate to the login page.

2. Tap on Repair on the screen’s right side directly below Enter.

repair battlegrounds mobile india pubg mobile

3. Wait for the repair process to be finished and then restart PUBG Mobile to test if the issue has been resolved.

Method 9: Disable VPN

VPN or Proxy tends to mask the IP address of the device and routes the data through different servers. This might occasionally interfere with the login process and prevent you from accessing the game. Turn off any VPN or proxy connections before attempting to log in to PUBG Mobile as follows:

1. Pull down the Notification bar at the top of the screen.

2. Tap on the Active VPN to disable it.

tap-on-the-currently-active-vpn-to-disconnect-it- | pubg mobile facebook login problem

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Method 10: Contact PUBG Mobile Support

If you still face the PUBG Mobile Facebook login problem, contacting support can be an ideal option. Visit the PUBG Mobile Support website.

PUBG Mobile support website | pubg mobile facebook login problem

Method 11: Reinstall PUBG Mobile and Facebook

Reinstalling the game often resolves any conflicts and additionally removes any temporary data or cache which might be the reason for such errors.

1. Open Google Play Store and search for Facebook.

2. Tap on Uninstall.

Tap on Uninstall | pubg mobile facebook login problem

3. Similarly search for PUBG Mobile and Uninstall it.

4. Once done, now install both apps and log in.

Method 12: Create New Facebook Account

Unfortunately, if the error still persists and none of the above methods work for you, the last resort is to create a new Facebook account. This might help you log in to your PUBG mobile account using it.

Note: Creating a new Facebook account means starting fresh with no connections to your previous account. You might lose in-game progress, item purchases, and other data associated with your last account.

1. Launch the Facebook app and tap on Create new account.


2. Now follow the on-screen instructions to create a new account.

3. Once your account has been created, open the PUBG Mobile app.

4. Choose the Facebook login option and enter the credentials of your new Facebook account.

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We hope this guide helped you fix PUBG Mobile Facebook login problems. If you have any more queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments box below. For solutions to more such game-related errors, stay tuned to TechCult.

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