How to Fix Goodreads App Not Working

Afterall, Bookworms shouldn't face disappointment caused by bugs!

When it comes to people who love literature, Goodreads is certainly not unfamiliar. Designed to help users discover books, set reading goals, track their progress, and much more, it is an irreplaceable companion. Now, picture this: today you are all set to read your next anticipated novel on Goodreads but the app just stops working. Sadly, such issues have been reported recently by many users. If you find yourself in the same boat, this blog will help you sail it. Let’s just begin.

How to Fix goodreads app not working

Why is My Goodreads Search Not Working Today?

As many Goodreads users are facing the same kind of issue, it is assumed that the developer team has started to work on it. However, there could be several reasons for Goodreads not working issues such as:

  • Temporary glitches or bugs
  • Server down
  • Wi-Fi issues
  • App technical issues

Method 1: Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity

Goodreads struggles to function on a weaker internet connection and its performance is often compromised in such cases. So you must improve the same on the device. Refer to our guide How to Boost Internet Speed on Your Android Phone.

Method 2: Wait for Server Uptime

Chances are high that Goodreads servers in your region may be facing downtime issues or undergoing maintenance, which is why you’re unable to use the app properly. Check the server status on the Downdector and if there are any issues reported, wait until it gets fixed.

Method 3: Relogin to Goodreads

Logging out and then logging back into your account can resolve minor glitches or issues and the app might start working again.

1. Launch the Goodreads app and tap the three lines at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

2. Select Settings from the options.

select settings goodreads

3. Now, tap on the SIGN OUT option on the screen, and once logged out successfully, enter your credentials and SIGN IN again.

Method 3: Clear Cache Files and Data

Over time, apps save cache data that can go corrupt and lead to app loading problems. Clearing out cache files and data helps reset the app to its default state, potentially fixing the issue.

1. Open Settings on your phone, tap on Apps Management then select Apps.

2. Tap on Goodreads.

3. Tap on Storage, select Clear cache, and then Clear data.

Clear Data and Cache.

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Method 4: Update Goodreads App

Outdated apps are vulnerable to bugs and glitches, which might lead to frequent crashes. It might be the case with the Goodreads app, which is why it is not working. Hence, we suggest you update it and see if that helps.

1. Open the Google Play Store and search for Goodreads.

2. Tap on the Update button if available.

update goodreads

Method 5: Contact Customer Service

Goodreads Customer service can guide specific problems, and offer solutions tailored to your exact situation. If the above-mentioned solutions did not help, try reaching them out.

Method 6: Reinstall Goodreads

Uninstalling Goodreads removes apps’ corrupt data or temporary files associated with it. When you reinstall the app, you get a fresh copy, which can help eliminate bugs or glitches that are stopping it from working.

1. Go to the App menu on your phone and hold press on Goodreads.

2. Select Uninstall App from the options that appear.

uninstall goodreads

3. Install the Goodreads app and check if the issue is resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I troubleshoot audio-related problems in the Goodreads App?

Ans. Check your phone’s volume settings and use headphones to see if the problem is with the speaker or the app.

Q2. What actions should I take if I’m not receiving app notifications?

Ans. Open the Goodreads App, go to Notifications, and make sure they’re turned on. If you’re not hearing notification sounds, check if the app’s notification sounds are muted.

Q3. Is Goodreads shutting down in 2023?

Ans. No, Goodreads is not shutting down in 2023, the app is facing some minor glitches which will be fixed soon.

We hope our guide helped you easily fix the Goodreads app not working issue. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to Techcult for more such guides.

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