How to Easily Fix FaceTime Photos Not Working on iPhone

Let's turn those photo fails on FaceTime into frames-worthy masterpieces!

FaceTime is the bridge that connects us to our loved ones across distances. However, in the midst of a funny FaceTime conversation, while you are ready to snapshot a memorable moment of laughter, it can be a disappointing comedy of errors to find the Live Photos feature mischievously gone rogue. This article will explain how to fix the issue of FaceTime Live Photos not working and saving pictures issue on iOS 14 & 15. As they say, the best memories are the ones that make us happy, even later, let’s preserve them.

How to Fix FaceTime Photos Not Working

How to Fix FaceTime Photos Not Working

With a multitude of features, FaceTime not only lets users conveniently make audio and video calls but also offers a shutter button for them to snap Live Photos during a video chat. Unfortunately, sometimes users face errors as the feature malfunctions. Read more to know about the causes as well as the solutions to fix it.

Quick Answer

To fix FaceTime Photos not working, update the FaceTime app and the device as well. If you still face the issue, enable Content & Privacy Restrictions for both Camera and FaceTime.

1. Launch Settings and tap on Screen Time.

2. Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions and toggle on the same for Camera and FaceTime.

Why are My FaceTime Live Photos Not Working?

Before discussing how you can fix the issue, let’s look at the causes behind it. The most common reasons could be:

  • FaceTime Live Photos is not enabled.
  • Compatibility issues
  • Outdated app or iOS version
  • Minor glitches or bugs
  • Improper settings
  • Insufficient storage space

Now that we know the reasons that cause the error, let’s learn and try some fixes.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting

Before starting with the multi-step procedures, we suggest you first, cross-check the Photos app. FaceTime photos are saved in the Live Photos album. If you do not find the images there, let’s start with some basic checks and procedures to fix the issue.

Method 1A: Enable FaceTime Live Photos

For the feature to work, you have to make sure FaceTime Live Photos are enabled on the devices of both parties, i.e., the caller and the receiver. So, check and ensure the same by following the steps below:

1. Launch the Settings app and tap on FaceTime.

2. Check if FaceTime Live Photos is enabled. If not, toggle on from the slider.

toggle on facetime live photos slider | FaceTime photos not working

3. Now ask your friend to also check for the same.

If the FaceTime Live Photos feature is enabled on both devices and still are facing the error, move to the undermentioned methods to fix it.

Method 1B: Restart FaceTime

Often times improperly loaded apps turn out to be the root cause of errors with the functionality of apps in a device. We suggest you restart the app.

1. Exit FaceTime and also remove it from the background apps.


2. Now, launch the app again and make a video call.

See if you could save Live Photos. If now, follow the next method.

Method 1C: Restart iPhone

Restarting the device allows the system to load all the apps and files once again. This helps fix if the device has encountered any form of minor temporary glitches. Follow our guide on How to Restart iPhone X

slide to power off button

Method 2: Turn Off and Turn On FaceTime

A glitch in the FaceTime app can also cause errors in the working of Live Photos. So, you can disable and enable FaceTime once again and see if it helps.

1. Go to the Settings app and tap on FaceTime.

2. Toggle off the FaceTime slider and after a few seconds toggle on the same again.

toggle on facetime option | FaceTime photos not working

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Method 3: Sign Out of FaceTime and Sign Back in

Sometimes there could be issues with the ID verification or login errors which could trigger the app to malfunction. Follow the steps below to re-login to FaceTime:

1. In the Settings app, tap on FaceTime.

2. Tap on your Apple ID and choose the Sign Out option.

tap on sign out option

3. Once signed out, wait for a while and then Sign in again using your Apple ID.

4. Launch FaceTime, initiate a video call session, and check if Live Photos are working.

Method 4: Re-enable iCloud Photos

If you still do not see them in the Photos app, we suggest you disable and re-enable iCloud Photos. This might reset the photo sync, thereby resolving the FaceTime Live Photos not saving issue. Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Launch Settings and tap on Photos.

2. Toggle off the iCloud Photos slider. 

Note: If iCloud Photos is not enabled already, enable it and see if that fixes the error.

turn on icloud photos slider | FaceTime photos not working

3. Wait for some time and then enable it again.

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Method 5: Allow Camera and FaceTime Under Content & Privacy Restrictions

Content & Privacy Restrictions on iPhone control and limit access to certain apps, features, and content, to ensure a safer experience. However, if the Camera or the FaceTime app is restricted under it, they would not be able to take and save photos during a video call. Follow the steps below to allow them:

1. Launch the Settings app on the iPhone.

2. Tap on Screen Time and choose Content Privacy & Restrictions.

choose the content & privacy restrictions

3. Tap on Allowed Apps.

4. Toggle on the FaceTime and Camera slider

toggle on facetime and camera slider | FaceTime photos not working

Method 6: Update iPhone

Initially, the FaceTime Live Photos feature was available until Apple removed it in iOS version 12.1.1 for privacy-related concerns. However, they brought it back to iOS 15 with major improvements. Chances are the current iOS version running on the device might not be compatible with the feature. So, update the device to fix the issue. 

1. Navigate to the Settings app and tap on General.

2. Tap on the Software Update option.

tap on software update

3. If there are any updates available, tap on Download and Install.

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Method 7: Clean Up Storage

Oftentimes, if there is insufficient storage space on the device, FaceTime Live Photos might face issues in saving. Follow the steps mentioned below to clean up some storage:

1. Go to the Settings app on the device.

2. Tap on General, followed by iPhone Storage.

The total storage space and a list of apps would appear on the screen showing you how much storage space is consumed by each of them.

3. Choose the app(s) that you wish to remove.

4. Tap on Offload App if you wish to remove the app temporarily or on Delete App to remove it permanently including its data on the device.

choose offload app or delete app option

Now start a video call on FaceTime and check if the Live Photos are getting saved.

Method 9: Reset Network Settings

When you reset network settings on your device, all internet-related information and data including the Wi-Fi credentials, Bluetooth device pairings, mobile network preferences, etc get removed from the device. As you connect the device to sources once again, it starts fresh, thereby fixing any lags that could be causing errors with certain features.

1. Launch Settings and tap on General.

2. Tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone.

click on transfer or reset iphone | FaceTime photos not working

3. Tap on Reset, followed by the Reset Network Settings option.

Select Reset Network Settings

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We hope our guide helped you fix the FaceTime photos not working issue. If you have any queries or suggestions do let us know in the comments below. To get help on more tech-related issues, stay connected to TechCult.

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