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How to Fix Error Code 0x8007017B

Mend the bridge of connectivity, regain smoother file access, and transfer functionality on the iCloud app for Windows PC.

iCloud on Windows integrates Apple’s cloud services with the Microsoft environment and paves a flawless way for users to sync their photos, videos, and files across both operating systems.

Unfortunately, occasionally, even the flawless can depict flaws.

Users have reported stumbling over the error code 0x8007017B while moving or renaming files in the Windows version of the iCloud app. We will help you fix the error.

How to Fix Error code 0x8007017B

How to Fix Error Code 0x8007017B on Windows 11

Although cloud storage has become a scalable solution for users, the availability of free storage space is a concern.

We often use multiple cloud services such as iCloud and Microsoft One Drive To manage this.

Error code 0x8007017B depicts that: The operation is not supported by the cloud sync provider. This usually happens when one tries to send files and data from iCloud Drive to OneDrive or any folder on the PC. 

Quick Answer

Update the Windows PC and iCloud from Microsoft Store. Check iCloud Drive server status on Apple system status page and if there is a red dot next to it, wait for some time. Move less than 1000 files at once for the transfer to function effectively.

What are the Causes of Error Code 0x8007017B?

Here are a few possible reasons that could be causing the error:

  • Outdated PC
  • Compatibility issues between the iCloud app and Windows
  • Bug or glitch in Microsoft Store iCloud App
  • Permissions issues of iCloud Sub-Directions
  • Corrupt iCloud data

Method 1: Enable iCloud Service

Undoubtedly, the iCloud service will not function if it is disabled on your PC. So, check and enable it.

1. Launch iCloud on the Windows PC, navigate to the Settings page, and tick the check box next to iCloud.

2. Click on Apply and then OK.

Method 2: Restart iCloud

This error might be nothing but a glitch. It’s a good idea to restart iCloud to get rid of any issues that occasionally appear and prevent data transmission or even copying into OneDrive. 

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Method 3: Copy and Paste the iCloud Contents

As iCloud drive is an emulated network drive in Windows, when a user tries to drag and drop or move files from it to OneDrive or a local folder on the PC, the action is not authorized by Windows.

Instead of this, you can select and copy the images from the iCloud directory and paste them manually to the OneDrive or local drive on the PC.

1. Open the iCloud directory, select the files or folders you want to copy, and press Ctrl+C.

Note 1: If there are numerous files, it is best to create a ZIP or archive of the files in the iCloud directory before copying them.

Note 2: Make sure that the Always Keep on This Device option is enabled.

2. Press the Windows key + E  to launch another tab of File Explorer

3. Navigate to the local drive or OneDrive where you want to move the items and paste them using Ctrl+V.

In case you have copied a ZIP or Archive, decompress them.

Once done, you can now delete all problematic files from iCloud and Recycle Bin.

Method 4: Move Problematic Folder & Files to iCloud Root Directory

Files and folders with errors in subfolders of the iCloud directory could trigger a permissions glitch as the system fails to validate user authentication and can cause error code 0x8007017B in Windows 11.

When you move them to the iCloud root directory, they seek iCloud Drive permissions, and that potentially solves the issue. 

1. Open the iCloud directory in File Explorer on the PC.

2. Select and move the problematic files or folders to the root directory of iCloud

Note: Avoid placing them in sub-folders like Desktop, Documents, Downloads, or any other sub-folder.

3. Wait until the files are moved and synced. Once done, select any of them again, and then Rename or Move it to a Windows folder.

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Method 5: Move iCloud Files and Folder to a USB Drive, then the Internal Drive

An alternative solution is to move the iCloud files and folders to an external USB drive first and then to the internal drive. 

1. Connect a USB drive to the PC, open File Explorer, and navigate to the USB drive.

2. Keep it open and launch iCloud. Drag and drop the files from the iCloud directories to the USB device.

3. If and once the files are successfully moved to the USB drive, copy them and paste into the desired location on the internal drive.

Method 6: Move Content of iCloud Directory to Documents

Coding and compatibility issues between the iCloud app and Windows OS could also result in the error code 0x8007017B while moving files.

As a workaround, this can be fixed by moving the files to Documents, and then from there, they can be moved to the appropriate Windows directory. F

1. Right-click on any problematic file/folder within the iCloud directory and in the context menu, click on Show more options.

2. Hover your cursor over Send to and then, choose Documents.

From the context menu, click on Show more options.

3. Open Documents and if the iCloud file/folder has been successfully moved, select and move it again to the desired location.

You can repeat the steps for the files and folders.

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Method 7: Re-login to iCloud

Well, let’s give it a try. Sometimes login issues also affect the functionality of a service. Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Launch iCloud and head to its Settings.

2. Click on Sign Out and then again on Sign Out to confirm.

Click on Sign Out and then again on Sign Out to confirm

Do not close the iCloud window.

3. Open File Explorer and delete the iCloud directories

4. Once done, switch to the iCloud window and Sign in.

When the directories sync back, try moving/renaming a file or folder and see if the error is fixed.

Method 8: Download Files from iCloud

If none of the solutions helped and the error is still persistent, you can download the files from the iCloud website and save them in the required location. 

1. Launch the iCloud website on any web browser and Sign In using your credentials.

Launch the iCloud website on any web browser and Sign In using your credentials

2. Navigate to the category of files you want to download. E.g., Photos. Select one, scroll down, press the Shift key, and select the last photo you want to download.

Note: At once, you can download a maximum of 1000 photos from the iCloud website. Check the file count at the top-right corner of the screen.

3. Click on the Cloud icon with a downward pointing arrow to download the images.

Note: As the compressed versions of the images will be downloaded, ensure that you unzip them.

Once all the files are downloaded, you can delete them from iCloud.

We hope you found this guide to be useful and learned how to fix error code 0x8007017B on Windows 11. 

If you have any queries or suggestions, drop them in the comments section and stay tuned to TechCult for solutions to such tech troubles.

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