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How to Fix ColorSync Not Working on Mac

Bring back consistent color profiles across multiple screens.

The ColorSync feature on your Mac is responsible for making sure that the colors you see on your screen are the same as what you will get when you print a picture. This happens by matching the color profile of your output like a printer and input devices like your screen. However, if you’re experiencing frustrating differences in colors between what you see on the screen and what comes out in your prints, it means that ColorSync might not be working correctly on Mac. To fix this issue, we will guide you through the troubleshooting steps. So, let’s get started without any delay.

How to fix ColorSync not working on mac

How to Fix ColorSync not Working on Mac

When you use different screens with your Mac, they might show colors differently because of their unique color profiles. ColorSync on Mac helps keep colors consistent on all screens, but if it’s not working, it can cause trouble. But don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix it, so keep reading!

Quick Answer

To get ColorSync working again, run Profile First Aid on your Mac using these steps:

1. Navigate to ColorSync Utility and click on Profile First Aid.

2. Click on the Repair button.

3. Finally, Restart the system.

Where is ColorSync Folder on Mac?

Do you also struggle to find where is ColorSync folder on Mac? Well, the library folder on the root of your disk has the ColorSync folder. Here, Apple stores the default profiles that every user should be able to access.

Method 1: Restart Mac

Before you move to the advanced methods, first restart your Mac to fix ColorSync not working on Mac issue. Restarting helps to fix the temporary glitches and bugs. This is one of the easiest methods that you can opt for.

1. First, navigate to the Apple Menu on your Mac.

2. Now, click on the Restart option.

click on the Restart

Method 2: Run Profile First Aid

Profile First Aid helps you diagnose and repair color profile-related issues on your Mac. This utility tool can repair and restore ColorSync functionality by fixing various issues associated with it. To make yourself familiar with how to run profile first aid on your Mac, abide by the given steps:

1. Navigate to ColorSync Utility on your Mac.

2. Following that, click on the Profile First Aid option.

click on the Profile First Aid | ColorSync not working on mac

3. Then, click on the Repair button located at the bottom of the Profile First Aid page.

4. After the repair is done, then restart your device.

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Method 3: Turn Off High Dynamic Range

Disabling the High Dynamic Range feature on your device can also help resolve the ColorSync not working on Mac issue. It is easy to turn off this feature. To do so, check out the steps discussed below:

1. Go to the System Preferences app on your Mac.

2. Then, click on the Displays option.

click on displays option

3. Now, click on the Display tab.

4. Toggle off the High Dynamic Range.

Method 4: Update Mac

If you have not updated your device to the latest version of macOS, then also you can face the said issue. The latest update for your device includes a security update, new features, and fixing bugs. So, to repair the ColorSync utility, follow these steps:

1. First, launch the System Preferences app and then click on the Software Update option.

2. Next, click on the Upgrade Now button.

click on the Software Update option and then choose Upgrade Now option

Method 5: Boot in Safe Mode

If the methods discussed above did not work for you, then you can boot your Mac in safe mode. This method helps your operating system get rid of the system cache by letting it repair itself automatically. To boot in safe mode and fix ColorSync not working on Mac, adhere to the following steps:

1. First, Shut Down your Mac completely.

select the Shut Down... option in MacBook

2. After that, press the Shift key followed by the Power button.

3. Then, hold the Shift key till the time your Mac boots up completely.

4. Next, release the Shift key and enter your login details.

Now, open the ColorSync app and check if the issue has been resolved or not.

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Method 6: Use Terminal to Run ColorSync in Root Mode

Another potential method to repair the ColorSync utility and fix it from not working on Mac is to run it in root mode using Terminal. Read the following steps to do so:

1. Launch the Terminal app on your Mac by navigating to Applications and then Utilities.

launch terminal | ColorSync not working on mac

2. Then, enter the command given below in the Terminal window and press Enter:

sudo /Applications/Utilities/ColorSync\ Utility.app/Contents/MacOS/ColorSync\Utility

3. Then, click on Verify to begin the scan.

4. If you see any potential issues on your screen, click on Repair.

Once done, restart your Mac.

This wraps our article on how to fix ColorSync not working on Mac. You can reach out to us with your suggestions and queries via the comments section below. Also, let us know what topic you want to gain insights on in our next article.

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