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How to Find Administrator Password On Windows 10

Administrator account helps you to operate windows fully. If you have a hold of an administrator account, you can easily handle all the basic operations on your windows, such as downloading applications and changing settings on your system. If you are someone who cannot find administrator password, keep reading this guide to solve your how do I find my administrator username and password to the account query.

How to Find Administrator Password On Windows 10

How to Find Administrator Password On Windows 10

Keep reading this article further to know how you can find and change the password administrator account. But firstly, let us learn more about administrator accounts and passwords of your Windows 10 device.

Is There a Default Administrator Password for Windows 10?

No, there is no default administrator password for Windows 10 but only one administrator password which is the original one. If you have forgotten your administrator password, then there are ways to find administrator password for your account.

What Do I Do if I Forgot My Administrator Password?

In case you forget your administrator password, you will have to reset the Windows administrator password from your desktop settings. But for that, you need to have a Microsoft account logged in on your desktop to attempt this.

How Do I Find My Administrator Username and Password for Windows 10?

If you cannot find administrator password for your administrator account for Windows 10 with the username, then follow the steps below to recover it back:

1. Open the Microsoft Sign in page for your administrator account.

2. Click on the Sign-in options.

Click on sign-in options | How to Find Administrator Password On Windows 10

3. Click Forgot my username option.

Click on forgot my username option

4. Recover your username using your Email or phone number.

Recover your username by logging in with email

5. Once you have received your username, you can change your password by clicking on Forgot password.

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How Do I Find My Administrator Password on Windows 10?

The administrator password on Windows 10 is not visible to the users, to get it you have to reset Windows administrator password. To do so on Windows 10, you need to simply open your desktop settings and follow the steps below to find administrator password.

1. Open the Settings application on your desktop.

2. Click on the Accounts option in it.

Select the accounts option

3. Click the Sign-in options > Password options.

4. Click the Change option to find the administrator password.

Change the password by signing-in | How to Find Administrator Password On Windows 10

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How To Find Administrator Password Windows 10 Using Command Prompt?

Command prompt lets you find administrator password for your account. Follow the upcoming steps to do the same.

Note: To perform this method, you need to have an administrator account on your desktop.

1. Type Command Prompt in the Windows search bar and click Open.

2. Type net user in it.

3. Next, type net user USERNAME to change the administrator password.

Use net user USERNAME to find password in command prompt

4. If you have logged in as an administrator, you will be provided with a new password option for you to set.

How to Set or Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password?

If you couldn’t find administrator password, follow the steps below to set or reset Windows administrator password for Windows 10:

Note: You need to have a Microsoft account logged in on your desktop for this step.

1. Open Settings and click the Accounts option, as shown below.

Select the accounts option

2. Click on the Microsoft Account option and go to Edit Profile.

3. Click on Change Password and save the changes made.

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What Happens If I Delete Administrator Account Windows 10?

In case you couldn’t find administrator password and opt for deleting the administrator account in your Windows 10, it will lead to deleting all the data stored in your system. From pictures, and files to apps, every important data that you have stored will be wiped off.

How Do I Turn Off School Restrictions in Windows 10?

To turn off school restrictions in Windows 10, follow the below steps:

1. Open the Settings application on your desktop.

2. Click on the Accounts option in it.

3. Click the Access work or school account.

4. Click on the Disconnect option to disconnect the School account from your system.

Disconnect the school account access work or school option

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How Do I Get Administrative Privileges on My School Computer?

To get administrative privileges on your school computer, you need to find administrator Password and the Username of the system. Once you know them, you can access and manage to enjoy the administrative privileges on your school computer.

How Do I Reset My School Laptop Password?

1. Log in to your school laptop by filling in the username and password.

2. Open the Settings option.

3. Go to Update & Security in it.

4. Click on the Recovery option.

5. Click on Get Started to reset the laptop.

Click on recovery option and select get started to reset the laptop | How to Find Administrator Password On Windows 10

Can You Wipe a School Laptop?

Yes, you can wipe a school laptop by clean installing the system. You can achieve this by going to windows security and fresh starting the system. This will help the laptop work faster and will optimize its health.


We hope you have understood the steps to learn how to find administrator password on your Windows 10 PC and were able to perform it successfully. You can drop your queries about this article and topic suggestions for future articles in the comments section below.

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