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How to Enable Dell Keyboard Backlight Settings

If you want to buy a new laptop, then you should pay close attention to its specifications, performance & user reviews. People also look for keyboard backlight settings in various laptops, especially Dell, to work in dim environments. Keyboard backlight is found useful when we work in a dark room or in poor lighting conditions. But the backlight turns off after a few seconds of inactivity which results in you searching for a button to type. If you are looking for a method to make your Dell laptop keyboard backlight always on or modify its timeout, then this article is perfect for you.

How to Enable & Modify Dell Keyboard Backlight Settings

How to Enable & Modify Dell Keyboard Backlight Settings

The print on the keys is semi-transparent, so it shines when the light underneath the keys is turned on. You can also adjust the brightness of the light according to your convenience. In most keyboards, white lights are used. Though several gaming keyboards come in various colors of backlight. 

Note: The backlight feature does not, however, define the quality of the keyboard.

Modifying Dell keyboard backlight timeout settings will enable the light to stay turned on even if there is no activity. Follow any of the listed methods to set keyboard backlight settings Dell as always on. If you wish to, you can also Disable Laptop Keyboard on Windows 10 and use external keyboard instead.

Method 1: Use Keyboard HotKey

Depending on the model of the laptop, the backlight feature varies.

  • Generally, you can press the F10 key or F6 key to enable or disable your keyboard backlight settings in Dell laptops.
  • If you are not sure about the hotkey, then check whether your keyboard has a function key with an illumination icon.

Note: If there is no such icon then, there is a high possibility that your keyboard is not backlit. Also read some useful Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts here.

Method 2: Use Windows Mobility Center

Windows enables you to enable and change the settings of Dell keyboard backlight to always on.

Note: This method is only applicable for those Dell laptop models wherein Dell manufacturers installed the necessary utility.

1. Press Windows + X keys to launch the Quick Link menu.

2. Select Mobility Center from the context menu, as shown.

Choose Mobility Center from the context menu

3. Move the slider under Keyboard Brightness to the right to enable it.

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How to Adjust Dell Keyboard Backlight Timeout Settings

Dell allows users to change theirDell keyboard backlight timeout settings through Dell Feature Enhancement Pack Application.

Step I: Install Backlight Driver

Follow the given steps to download and install Dell Feature Enhancement Pack:

1. Go to the Dell download webpage on your web browser.

2. Enter your Dell Service Tag or model and hit Enter key.

Type your Dell service tag or model and hit Enter.

3. Go to the Drivers & Downloads menu and search for the Dell Feature Enhancement Pack.

4. Download the files and run the setup file to install the pack.

5. Finally, restart your PC.

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Step II: Adjust Backlight Settings

After installing the said driver, you can adjust settings through Control Panel as follows:

1. Press the Windows key, type Control Panel, and click on Open, as shown.

Open Start menu and type Control Panel. Click on Open on the right pane. How to Set Keyboard Backlight Settings Dell

2. Set View by > Category and choose Hardware and Sound.

open Hardware and Sound menu from the Control Panel

3. Click on Dell Keyboard Backlight Settings, shown highlighted.

Click on the Dell Keyboard Backlight Settings. How to Set Keyboard Backlight Settings Dell

4. In the Keyboard Properties window, switch to the Backlight tab.

5. Here, choose the required duration in Turn off backlight in as per your requirement.

Choose the required duration in Turn off backlight in.

6. Click on Apply to save changes and OK to exit.

Click on Apply to save changes and OK to exit. How to Set Keyboard Backlight Settings Dell

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Pro Tip: Troubleshoot Keyboard if Backlight Feature is Not Working

If your keyboard backlight feature does not work, you will need to run the default troubleshoot provided by Windows.

1. Press Windows + I keys together to open Settings.

2. Choose Update & Security from the given options.

Click on Update and Security

3. Go to Troubleshoot tab in the left pane.

Go to Troubleshoot tab on the left pane. How to Set Keyboard Backlight Settings Dell

4. Choose Keyboard under Find and fix other problems category.

5. Click on the Run the troubleshooter button, shown highlighted.

Click on the Run the troubleshooter button.

6A. Once the scanning is complete, the troubleshooter will display Recommended fixes to rectify the problem. Click on Apply this fix and follow on-screen instructions to resolve it.

6B. If there is no issue found, it will display No changes or updates were necessary message, as depicted below.

If there is no issue, it will display No changes or updates were necessary. How to Set Keyboard Backlight Settings Dell

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I know that my keyboard has a backlight feature?

Ans. You can easily find that by looking for the light icon on your keyboard. If there is a key with a glowing light icon, then you can enable or disable your keyboard backlight feature using that function key. Unfortunately, if it is not present, then there is no backlight option on your keyboard.

Q2. Does external keyboard have a backlight option?

Ans. Yes, a few models of the external keyboard provide backlight option too.

Q3. Is it possible to install a backlight feature on my keyboard?

Ans. No, installing a backlight feature on your keyboard is not possible. It is recommended to buy a laptop with a backlight option or an external backlight keyboard.


We hope that this guide helped you to enable & modify keyboard backlight settings on Dell laptops. Let us know your queries or suggestions in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “How to Enable Dell Keyboard Backlight Settings”

  1. ***Just a comment and a solution for older laptops:***

    While the above description are indeed good, they do not work for older models running with Windows 10 (mine is a DELL Latitude 5480). Feature Enhancement Package is not available for these laptops. The other options don’t work, too, for me.

    ***Easy fix***:

    Push F2 when (re-)starting the notebook (brings you to BIOS), go into keyboard backlight settings and set any of the available options (a few minutes over up to 15 minutes or permanently switched on). These settings are available separaty for the latop running on power or battery.

    Hope this helps other solve the problem – had to google quite a bit!

  2. None of these works to my Dell G7 17″. Also tried proposed solution by Tobias.
    When I bought it, it worked fine in rainbow colors (you were even able to select it), but the feature later vanished never to come back. Even though I am sure it happened after some of the W11 updates, could not find the problem ever after.
    Someone has something new to try, I will be most obliged

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