What is the Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough?

The strikethrough feature is often overlooked in text documents. The feature, although the equivalent of deleting a word, can also be used to emphasize a word or give the author time to reconsider its place in the document. If you use strikethrough regularly and want to develop a faster way of implementing it, read ahead to understand the keyboard shortcut for strikethrough.

What is the Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough?

Different Keyboard Shortcuts for Strikethrough for Different Platforms

Method 1: Using Strikethrough in Microsoft Word on Windows

Microsoft Word is easily the most popular text editing platform in the world. Therefore, it is natural that many people have tried to use the strikethrough feature in this platform. On Windows, the shortcut for strikethrough for Microsoft Word is Alt + H + 4. This shortcut can also be used to strike through text in Microsoft PowerPoint. But there are other ways you can use the strikethrough feature and even change the shortcut based on your preference.

a. Open the Word document you want to edit and highlight the text you want to add strikethrough. 

b. Now go to the Toolbar, and click on the option that resembles abc.’ This is the strikethrough feature, and it will edit your text accordingly.

Using Strikethrough in Microsoft Word on Windows

There is a possibility that the strikethrough feature might not be available on your Toolbar. However, you can tackle this by following these steps:

a. Highlight the text and enter Ctrl + D. This will open up the Font customization box.

Press Ctrl + D to open Font Box

b. Here, press Alt + K to select the strikethrough feature and then click on ‘OK.’ Your selected text will have a strike through it.

strikethrough effect on text | What is the Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough

If both these methods don’t suit you, you can also create a custom keyboard shortcut for the strikethrough feature in Microsoft Word:

1. On the top left corner of your Word document, click on ‘File.’

Click on file from Word taskbar

2. Then, click on Options in the bottom left corner of your screen.

3. A new window titled ‘Word Options’ will open on your screen. Here, from the panel on the left, click on Customize Ribbon.

From the options, click on customize ribbon

4. A list of commands will be portrayed on your screen. Below them, there will be an option titled ‘Keyboard Shortcuts: Customize’. Click on the Customize button in front of this option to create custom shortcut for the strikethrough command.

click on customize in front of keyboard options | What is the Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough

5. Another window will appear here titled ‘Customize Keyboard’, containing two separate lists.

6. In the list titled Categories, select Home Tab.

In the categories list, select home tab

7. Then click on the list titled Commands then select Strikethrough.

In the commands list, select strikethrough

8. Once the command is selected, go down to the ‘Specify keyboard sequence’ panel and enter a new keyboard shortcut in the ‘Press new shortcut key’ textbox.

Select the text box on the right and press new shortcut key | What is the Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough

9. Enter any shortcut based on your convenience and once done, click on ‘Assign.’ This will save the keyboard shortcut and make it easier for you to use the strikethrough feature. 

Method 2: Using Strikethrough Shortcut in Mac

The commands in Mac work in a slightly different manner from those in Windows. The keyboard shortcut for strikethrough in Mac is CMD + Shift + X. To change the shortcut, and you can use the steps mentioned above.

Method 3: Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough in Microsoft Excel

Excel is one of the more renowned data management applications in the world. Unlike Word, however, Excel’s primary function is to manipulate and store data and not edit text. Nevertheless, there’s an effortless shortcut for strikethrough in Microsoft Excel: Ctrl + 5. Just select the cell or group of cells you want to strikethrough and press the following command. Your text will display the changes accordingly.

Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough in Microsoft Excel

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Method 4: Adding Strikethrough in Google Docs

Google Docs is emerging as a popular text editing option due to its online functionality and features. The strikethrough feature is used in abundance as multiple people share their inputs, and rather than deleting text, they strike it for future reference. With that said, the keyboard shortcut for strikethrough in Google Docs is Alt + Shift + 5. You can view this strike-through option by clicking on Format > Text > Strikethrough.

Adding Strikethrough In Google Docs

Method 5: Striking Through Text in WordPress

Blogging has become a major event in the 21st century, and WordPress has emerged as the preferred choice of CMS for many. If, as a blogger, you want your readers to notice a certain segment of text but also want them to know that it has been disregarded, then the strikethrough option is ideal. In WordPress, the strikethrough keyboard shortcut is Shift + Alt + D.

Strikethrough text in WordPress

If used properly, the strikethrough feature can be a powerful tool that adds a certain level of professionality to your text document. With the steps mentioned above, you should master the art and use it at your convenience with ease.


We hope this article was helpful and now you know different keyboard shortcuts for different applications. If you have any further doubts, reach out to us through the comments section, and we will clear them out for you.

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