How to Download and Use Google Maps Transit App

Effortlessly plan trips with Goggle Maps Transit, your indispensable travel buddy!

Want to take public transport and don’t know what’s the best option? Google Maps Transit is here for you! Whether it’s trains, buses, or subways, this app offers a plethora of options to plan your route. Are you wondering how to get the most out of it? Read this detailed tutorial on how to download and use Google Maps Transit App.

google maps transit app_ how to download and use

How to Download and Use Google Maps Transit App

You can check trip times for buses, metros, and other public transport easily, get real-time delayed information, and remain informed with precise timetables. Experience how simple it is to navigate around your city with the help of this invaluable feature. Follow the steps mentioned below to use the transit feature:

Note: Since smartphones don’t have the same Settings options and they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, ensure the correct settings before changing any. These steps were performed on One Plus Nord CE2 Lite.

1. Go to your App Store or Play Store to download Google Maps on your device.

2. Open the app and enter your destination in Search here.

Search destination in search bar | google maps transit app

3. Tap on Directions.

tap on directions.

4. Tap on the transit icon.

tap on train sign | google maps transit app

5. Go to Options.

tap on options.

6. Turn on the toggle for the preferred modes, such as Train and Bus.

Turn on train and bus button.

Now your Google App transit feature will be enabled for every search.

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How to Set Google Transit Departures and Arrival Time

Follow the steps mentioned below to set the Google Transit departure and arrival time:

1. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner after you have selected your destination.

tap on three dots | google maps transit app

2. Select Set depart or arrive time from the drop-down menu.

select set depart or arrival time.

3. Select your time as needed and tap on Set.

Your arrival and departure times will start showing up.

What is Google Transit Trip Planner?

Google Transit Trip Planner is an essential service that helps travelers plan their trips more efficiently. It offers detailed information about stops, routes, schedules, and fare information that is linked to Google Maps. This makes it easier to find stops, navigate routes, comprehend schedules, and get fare data.

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What are Google Maps Transit New Features? 

Google Maps introduced new transit features like:

  • You can see a 3D view of your destination to learn about the weather and traffic of the destination.
  • You can choose ETA, walking time, length of trip, and transfers for Transit trips.
  • You can choose different options like low cost or less walking.
  • You can make a list of places to visit and customize them with emojis.
  • You can check for reviews of places.
  • You can find EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations.
  • You can search for grocery shops or other utility stores.
  • You can search for gas prices by typing gas prices in the search bar and comparing them.
  • You can avoid toll roads and choose the route type.
  • You can purchase tickets directly from Google Maps.

We hope this article helped you to know about how to download and use Google Maps Transit. So, enjoy navigating cities with public transportation. Keep reading our blogs for more information. Leave your suggestions and queries below.

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