How to Disable Screen Timeout for Certain Apps on Android

As screen timeout automatically turns your screen off after a certain period of inactivity, it saves battery as well as prevents unauthorized use of your phone when you’re not around.

However, if you have a short screen timeout duration, then it becomes pretty annoying to keep unlocking your phone every now and then.

Don’t worry, today we will discover how you can easily disable the screen timeout feature for certain apps on your Android device.

How to Disable Screen Timeout for Certain Apps on Android

How to Disable Screen Timeout for Certain Apps on Android

Supposedly you are writing notes from your phone or involved in an activity that needs the screen to be turned on, even though you aren’t actively touching it, in such cases, you can remove the inconvenience of screen timeout.

Here are some ways to do that:

Option 1: Via Settings

You can directly increase the duration of your screen timeout from settings. Here’s how:

1. Open Settings, tap on Display and then tap on Screen timeout.

2. Select the maximum screen timeout duration on your phone.

3. Turn the toggle on for Screen attention.

Select the maximum screen timeout duration on your phone. Turn the toggle on for Screen attention.

Your screen will not timeout until the set duration. Moreover, Screen attention will keep the display active when you are looking at it.

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Option 2: Via Developer Option

Some Android devices also have the option of disabling screen locks. But you need to enable Developer mode on your phone for it. Follow the steps:

1. Open Settings, tap on About Phone, and select Software Information.

2. Now, continuously tap 7 times on the Build Number to enable the developer mode on your device.

3. Enter your Security pin to confirm your action.

4. Now, go back to Settings, select Developer Options, and turn the toggle on for Do Not Use Lockscreen.

Note: Some Android devices may have this option under the name Stay Awake.

Turn the toggle on for Do not use lockscreen

Now your phone will not turn off during inactivity.

Option 3: Via Third-Party App from Google Play

If you wish to only disable screen timeout for certain apps instead of throughout your phone, you can use third-party apps available from Google Play to do the same.

1. Download the app Stay Alive on your phone.

2. Tick on Enable selected apps.

Tick on Enable selected apps

3. Tap on Select apps that will Stay Alive! to choose specific apps of your choice.

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Can I Set Different Screen Timeout Durations for Different Apps?

With Android settings, you cannot set different screen timeout durations for different apps. However, some third-party apps can offer this feature and allow you to customize screen timeout settings on a per-app basis.

We hope our guide helped you disable screen timeout for certain apps on Android.

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