How to Disable Pop-ups on Safari on iPhone

Generally, pop-ups occurring on websites may indicate advertisements, offers, notices, or alerts. Some pop-up ads and windows in a web browser can be helpful. They might help someone seeking a job, or a person looking for a product, or alert an individual waiting for an update on upcoming exams. Sometimes, pop-ups can be dangerous too. In the form of third-party advertisements, they may contain some tactics to extract your personal and financial information. They might prompt you to install or download any unknown/unverified software or application. Unless you are sure, avoid following any pop-up ads or windows redirecting you elsewhere. In this guide, we have explained how to disable pop-ups on Safari on iPhone by enabling Safari pop-up blocker iPhone.

How to Disable Pop-ups on Safari on iPhone

How to Disable Pop-ups on Safari on iPhone

You can easily disable pop-ups on Safari on iPhone to make your surfing experience smooth and free of interruptions. Read till the end to learn about various tricks that will help you while using Safari.

What to do when you see an unwanted pop-up on Safari?

1. Navigate to a New tab. Enter the desired search term and browse to a new site.

Note: If you cannot find a search field in iPhone/iPod/iPad, tap on the top of the screen and make it visible.

2. Exit the tab where the pop-up appeared.

Caution: Some Ads in Safari contain fake close buttons. So, when you try to close the advertisement, the current page is navigated to another page under its control. Always be cautious and avoid interaction with ads and pop-up windows.

How to Enable Fraudulent Website Warning

1. From the Home screen, go to Settings.

2. Now, click on Safari.

From Settings click on safari.

3. Finally, toggle ON the option marked Fraudulent Website Warning, as depicted below.

fraudulent website warning Safari iphone

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Additional Fix

Oftentimes, even after disabling the pop-up ads and windows through Safari Settings, these do not disappear completely. This may be due to the installation of advertisement-supporting apps. Check your Apps list and uninstall these apps from your iPhone.

Note: You can check for unwanted extensions by searching for them in the Extensions tab in Safari Preferences.

How to Avoid Pop-ups on Safari

The following tips will help you to manage and avoid pop-ups on Safari.

  • Use Latest Versions: Make sure you always use the latest version of all apps on your Apple device.
  • Update iOS: New updates in the operating system improve your system performance and offer enhanced security. Security updates are offered during software updates and might include pop-up control mechanisms.
  • Install Verified Apps: If you want to install any new applications on your iOS device, the safest place is the App Store by Apple. For applications that cannot be downloaded from the App Store, please download them from the developer rather than via an external link or advertisement.

In short, keep your device updated to the latest version and download applications only from the App Store or directly from the developer. Get the latest Apple Security updates here.

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How to Enable Safari Pop-up Blocker iPhone

Here’s how to enable pop-ups on Safari on iPhone or iPad:

1. Navigate to Settings from Home Screen.

2. Here, click on Safari.

From Settings click on safari. How to Disable Pop-ups on Safari on iPhone

3. To enable the pop-up blocker, toggle ON Block Pop-ups option, as highlighted.

block pop ups safari iphone. How to disable pop ups on Safari iPhone

Here onwards, pop-ups will always be blocked.

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How to Disable Safari Pop-up Blocker iPhone

Here’s how to enable pop-ups on Safari on iPhone or iPad:

1. Tap on Settings > Safari, as earlier.

2. To disable the pop-up blocker, turn the toggle OFF for Block Pop-ups.

block pop ups safari iphone.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you are able to enable or disable pop-ups on Safari on iPhone or iPad. If you have any queries/comments regarding this article, then feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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