How to Disable Split Screen in Safari

Wondering how to turn off split screen view in Safari on iPad? You have come to the right place! The split screen feature in the iPad operating system lets the user perform multiple tasks between different applications at the same time. In Safari, the split screen feature is an amazing option that lets you browse two different web pages simultaneously but with smaller screen space. You can easily enable this multi-window feature on your iOS device. Continue reading to disable split screen in Safari.

How to Disable Split Screen in Safari

How to Disable Split Screen in Safari

For those who do not know how to open split screen in Safari on iPad or Macbook, we have listed the steps below:

Option 1: Through Windows Button

Long press the Window button and select New Window in Split View.

Option 2: Use Mutitasking Button

You can use multitasking button (…)  found at the top of the screen. Then, choose:

  • Tile Window to Left of Screen or,
  • Tile Window to Right of Screen

Tile window to left or right of screen

Option 3: You can also drag and drop link to the right or left edge of the screen.

Guess what? If you accidentally turned on the split screen in the middle of an interesting full-screen video, this would turn really frustrating. For those who want to turn off split screen view in Safari on iPad, we bring an amazing guide that will help you learn the same. The steps are very simple and easy to implement. Follow them in the same order to attain the best results. Keep reading!

Note: macOS/iOS versions may not have the same Settings options, and they might vary. Hence, ensure the correct settings before changing any. The said steps were performed on iPadOS 15.1 & macOS big sur.

Method 1: Through Recent Menu

This is a simple but effective method to turn off split screen view in Safari on iPad devices. Even though it is not a straightforward method to disable split screen feature if you want to know how to get rid of split screen on iPad without any hassle.

1A. Swipe up from the bottom to open the Recent apps screen on your iPad/Macbook.

1B. Open Apple menu >  Recent items as shown, on your macOS device.

Click on the Apple menu select recent items mac. How to Disable Split Screen in Safari

2. Then, swipe up on the tab which you want to terminate in Safari.

3A. Select the Close This Tab option

Close this tab safari mac ios

3B. Alternatively, tap the Close button on every tab you wish to remove.

Then, launch Safari and check if it opens in a full-screen single window.

Note: You can also close all tabs by tapping Close All [n] Tabs.

safari close all tabs. How to Disable Split Screen in Safari

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Method 2: Through Multitasking Buttons

This is another simple way to turn off split screen view in Safari on iPad with the help of multitasking buttons. Follow the below-listed instructions to disable split screen.

1. Place your iPad in portrait or landscape mode and tap on the Multitasking button 

2. Now, tap on the Enter Full Screen option shown highlighted below.

Enter full screen on Mac Google CHrome

3. Now, the other tab will be closed and you can enjoy Safari in normal view now.

Method 3: Drag Split View Divider on iPad

When you are using your iPad in split screen view, using Split View Divider, you can see the two screens separated by a bar. This bar can be used to resize the screen size according to your convenience.

  • If you want your right tab in full screen, drag the Split View Divider straight to the left.
  • If you want your left tab on full screen, drag it to the right.

Here are the steps to disable split screen in Safari using drag split view divider on iPad.

1. Tap the Split View Divider in the center of the screen that divides the screen.

Close this tab safari mac ios

2. Drag the Split View Divider according to your preference until the other app closes completely.

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Method 4: Merge All Windows on iPad

This is another simple way that helps you learn how to get rid of split screen on iPad my merging all the windows that are currently open. If you do so, all the windows will be merged into a single window and so you can switch to the application whichever you want manually. Here is how you do it.

1A. Press and hold the window button at the right corner in any one of the open tabs.

1B. Or, select the Window option from the menu bar.

2. In the new menu that appears, tap Merge All Windows.

merge all windows safari mac

This will close the split screen and all the tabs will be merged together.

Method 5: Contact Apple Support

If you are still not able to turn off split screen view in Safari on iPad, you can contact Apple Support Team through their official website or visit Apple Care for further assistance. The support team is extremely helpful and responsive. Thus, you should know how to get rid of split screen on iPad, in no time.

Contact Apple Support. How to Disable Split Screen in Safari

Pro Tip: How to Prevent Accidentally Opening Split Screen

If you wonder how to get rid of split screen on iPad while browsing Safari, the most simple way is to avoid turning on the feature accidentally. Always make a note of three-dotted button at the middle-top of the screen. If you accidentally tap or drag this button, your window size and view will be changed. So, be cautious while handling the split screen button.


We hope that this guide was helpful, and you could learn how to disable split screen in Safari on iPad or Macbook. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via comments section below. Let us know what you want to learn about next.

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