How to Disable Net Nanny Without Password

Net Nanny keeps your kids safe online. But just in case you need to disable it without a password, we've got you covered.

Net Nanny is a popular software program for parents who want to ensure their children’s safety by blocking inappropriate content online. However, there are instances where the software may have been installed without your knowledge or consent, or you may have forgotten the password. In this article, we will discuss whether it is possible to disable Net Nanny without a password and, if so, how to do it.

How to disable net nanny account without password

How to Disable Net Nanny Without Password

Net Nanny allows parents to create a blacklist and whitelist for websites, set time limits for internet usage, and monitor their children’s online activity. Despite this, there could be several reasons why one would want to turn it off. Even if you have lost your password, we will guide you to disable it.

Quick Answer

You can disable Net Nanny permanently by the following steps:

1. In This PC, select Local Disk (C:).

2. Click on Windows and double-click on the System.ini file.

3. Under [boot], locate drivers=wndrv16.dll.

4. Remove wndrv16.dll from the line and leave the rest words as it is. Save the changes.

What is Net Nanny?

Net Nanny, the ultimate parental control software that safeguards your children from online threats such as cyberbullying, sexual and financial predators, or any other inappropriate content. With its powerful filtering and blocking features, any parent can easily monitor their child’s internet activity, limit their screen time, and set age-appropriate rules.

You can use Net Nanny to customize the software to fit your family’s unique needs. Whether you want to block specific websites, restrict access to social media, or prevent your child from using specific apps.

Can You Disable Net Nanny Without Password?

Yes, you can disable Net Nanny without a password on your PC temporarily or permanently. Although we do not recommend or encourage this as attempting to disable it without proper authorization could potentially harm children’s safety But if someone has secretly installed Net Nanny on your PC without your knowledge then you might want to.  

Method 1: Disable Net Nanny Temporarily 

If you wish to disable the program for a short period of time, just follow these given steps:

1. Press Control, Alt and Delete at the same time to launch the Task Manager window.

2. Now click on the Processes tab at the top-left corner.

Now click on the Processes tab at the top-left corner.

3. Right-click on Wnldr32 and select End Task.

Right-click on Wnldr32 and select End Task | how to disable net nanny without password

This will disable Net Nanny until the computer is restarted. 

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Method 2: Disable Net Nanny Permanently

Permanently disabling Net Nanny is also no big deal. Follow the given steps to do so.

1. Click on Start on the Windows PC and then click on This PC.

2. Select Local Disk (C:).

3. Now click on Windows and double-click the System.ini file.

click on Windows and double-click the System.ini file. | how to disable net nanny without password

5. Locate the [boot] menu and then the line drivers=wndrv16.dll.

6. Delete the wndrv16.dll from the line and click on Save.

7. Finally, restart the PC.

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Method 3: Disable Using Safe Mode

Another way to remove Net Nanny without a password is to do the process in safe mode.

1. Boot the PC in Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key repeatedly before the Windows logo appears.

Boot your PC into the Safe mode

2. Once in Safe Mode, navigate to the Control Panel.

3. Under Programs, click on Uninstall a program option.

launch Control Panel on the PC and click on Uninstall a program under Programs.

3. Look for Net Nanny in the list of installed programs, select it, and click on the uninstall button.

4. If Net Nanny prompts you for a password, try entering the default password NNUNINSTALL.

5. Once the uninstallation process is complete, restart the PC again in normal mode.

Does Net Nanny block YouTube?

Yes, Net Nanny can block access to YouTube or filter out YouTube content. By default, Net Nanny’s web protection feature blocks access to YouTube. However, parents can customize the settings to allow access to specific channels or videos while restricting others. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze video content and determine its appropriateness based on factors such as violence, nudity, and profanity. It also blocks comments and video recommendations.

Net Nanny is an essential, user-friendly, and easy-to-install tool for any parent who prioritizes child safety while using the internet. However, if you were looking to disable it without a password, we hope our guide helped you. Feel free to ask your queries or add your suggestions in the comments section.

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