How to Disable Cache in Chrome Developer Tools

While browsing the internet, we want everything to be fast and smooth. Whether be it a computer or a mobile device, using a browser for a thorough search is always better when done fast. Not to mention a big thanks to browsing applications like Google Chrome, which along with their in-built memory storage capacity makes it a cakewalk to go through different searches & results within seconds. While the cache is a great tool for an enhanced browsing experience, it can sometimes build up and can burn your disk space. In such a case, it becomes important to Disable cache in Chrome developer tools. To your luck, our today’s guide is all about Chrome cache disable. We will discuss steps to Disable cache Chrome extension and reasons for doing so. So, let us begin with our informative guide on Chrome disable cache for site right away.

How to Disable Cache in Chrome Developer Tools

How to Disable Cache in Chrome Developer Tools

Undisturbed browsing is possible only with the cache, which can either be software or hardware, and is known to store all the valuable information including data to serve future requests for the same in a better way. Lets get to know some details about cache:

  • A cache is a computing software or hardware that stores a subset of data to quickly serve future requests for the same data.
  • The data stored in the cache is temporary.
  • The stored data helps websites, browsers, and apps to load faster.
  • The stored cache data helps to improve the user experience on future visits to the website or to an app and is known as caching.
  • There needs to be enough memory or storage for cached data to be stored for re-access.
  • The stored cache memory can be accessed very quickly.

Chrome Cache Benefits

  • Cache data help improve and speed up browsing.
  • Cache helps to retrieve files from your hard drive faster.
  • Cache memory is also faster than a RAM cache and it is also close to the CPU.
  • It also helps to load web pages faster.
  • Search results are always faster with a stored cache.
  • It helps to improve e-commerce experiences.
  • It is extremely useful for people with limited bandwidth mobile data as it does not download the same static information each time.

What is Need of Disable Cache Chrome Extension?

Although the above-mentioned benefits of the cache will make you doubt the title of the doc, you must keep in mind that nothing above a limit is advantageous. Such is the case of cache, when the cache memory of your Chrome application builds up there are certain events that are encountered and are known to deteriorate your browsing or system-operating experience, let us have a look at these events below:

  • Disable cache in Chrome developer tools if you can detect continuous movement of the loading spinner on your screen even after multiple page refreshes due to the build-up cache.
  • If the cache is stored for a long time on your system, it can slow down the application.
  • If you are fixing certain problems like loading or formatting issues, clearing the app can help you out.
  • Also, clearing the Chrome cache also prevents you from using old forms.

Benefits of Chrome Cache Disable

  • Maximize Speed and Performance: You might have build-up a sizeable cache if you regularly spend your time browsing different sites on Chrome. This build-up cache affects the speed and performance of your PC, especially for low hard drive capacity. So, to maximize the performance of your system, you must clear the cache.
  • Maintain Security: In case you are using Google Chrome on a public computer, it is always better to disable cache in Chrome developer tools to help protect your privacy. Another user can go through your browsed stuff and can also get some private information out of it, so it is always better to clear the Chrome cache.
  • View Most Recent Pages: Another benefit of why you should Chrome disable cache for site is to view the most up-to-date pages. Clearing it will help you to view updated pages and information.
  • Fix Browser Errors: If you are facing loading certain websites on your browser, opening them, or getting an error message, then clearing the cache can benefit you in resolving this issue.

How to Disable Cache Chrome Extension?

Disable cache Chrome extension means that it will automatically clear your data, cookies from data, browser downloads, stored passwords, and all stored information in the app. But as is explained above, it is extremely beneficial to do so as it helps in eventually enhancing your browser experience in Chrome. If you want to know How to Clear Cache and Cookies in Google Chrome, you can read our detailed guide.

Clear Chrome cache

How to Disable Cache in Chrome Developer Tools?

Chrome Developer Tools are a utility that helps a developer create, test, and debug software. These tools are built directly into the Google Chrome browser and allow you to quickly analyze the content of a webpage. While the above-mentioned doc will help you to clear cache and cookies from your browser, there might be a minute possibility of some cache being left behind. So, if you want to process Chrome cache disable completely then it is possible via settings in developer options. Let us look at the steps that can help you use developers’ tools to disable the cache in Chrome completely:

Note: The following steps can be performed on Windows, OS X, and Linux versions.

1. Launch the Google Chrome app shortcut from the home page of your desktop.

open google chrome from desktop

2. Now, click on the three vertical dots present in the top right corner of your browser screen.

Chrome browser click the 3 dots | disable cache in Chrome developer tools

3. From the menu, click on More tools.

Click on More tools

4. From the next menu, click on Developer tools.

Click on Developer tools

5. Now, in the Developer Tools window, click on the Network tab.

Click on the Network tab | disable cache in Chrome developer tools

6. Finally, check the box for Disable cache.

Check the box for Disable cache

For the cache to remain disabled, you will have to keep the Dev Tools window open. This will help you to disable browser-level caching as long as the window is open. Hence, it won’t have any impact on your normal browsing.

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How to Enable Cache in Chrome?

Just like it is easy to disable cache in Chrome, it is easy to turn it on too. As you already know about the benefits that cache, you might want to make sure that it is enabled using the steps given below:

1. To open the Chrome menu, launch the browser and click on the three dots present on the screen.

open google chrome from desktop

2. Now, select Settings from the given menu.

 Select Settings | disable cache in Chrome developer tools

3. Next, select Privacy and security from the menu at the left.

Select Privacy and security

4. In it, click on Cookies and other site data.

Cookies and Other site data in Chrome

5. Now, make sure to Allow all cookies in it.

Allow all Cookies in chrome

6. Once done, restart your browser to save the changes made.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I permanently disable the cache in the browser?

Ans. You can permanently disable cache in the browser with the help of developer tools in the browser you are using. You can learn to disable cache in Chrome using developer tools with the method provided in the doc.

Q2. What happens when disabling the cache in Chrome?

Ans. On disabling the cache in Chrome, all of your data stored in the application will be cleared including passwords, bookmarks, and other data.

Q3. Why does the cache come back even after clearing it up?

Ans. It is normal to experience cache build-up even after you have cleared it up because, over time, apps tend to build up cached data again based on your usage of the application.

Q4. Can Chrome automatically delete the cache?

Ans. Chrome will automatically delete the cache which is associated with active sessions that expire on browser closing. Any content that is set to not cache by the web will get dropped on the page.

Q5. Is removing the old cache good?

Ans. Yes, clearing out the cache is good as it prevents you from using old forms. It also helps you with protecting your personal information and runs applications faster & better.


We hope that our doc on how to disable cache in Chrome developer tools was helpful enough and guided you well on cache, its importance, the benefits of clearing it, and on steps of clearing the browser cache. Also, we hope that our additional information on enabling cache on Chrome was helpful to you. Apart from it, if you have any other queries or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section.

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