How to Delete Pearson Account

Pearson is a publishing company but has now spread to various verticals. But all of their product and service offerings lie in the education domain. Pearson provides educational content for not only students but also educators. So you can register on their website and tell them who you are and your requirements, and they will recommend study materials according to your input. But for some reason, if you don’t want to continue using your Pearson account, you can permanently delete it. Maybe your Pearson account was inactive for a while, and now you want to get rid of it, you can easily delete it with certain steps. This article will help you understand how to delete Pearson account and whether does Pearson delete inactive accounts. You will also learn how to delete Pearson VUE account and delete Pearson MyLab account.

How to Delete Pearson Account

How to Delete Pearson Account

It is considered a best practice to keep updating your database. Organizations that use Pearson teaching and upskilling often wonder whether does Pearson delete inactive accounts. Because students leave the institution or get promoted to new grades and become inactive. And these inactive users keep the database unnecessarily crowded. So, keep reading further to find the steps explaining how to delete Pearson account and delete Pearson VUE account in detail with useful illustrations for better understanding.

Does Pearson Delete Inactive Accounts?

Yes, Pearson does delete your account after certain days of inactivity. But your Pearson account does not get deleted straight away. It goes through stages before getting finally deleted. And during this, you will get notifications about it too.

  • Password gets expired: Firstly, after 180 days from the last password created, your password expires. You will be notified of these 7 days before the date.
  • Account gets disabled: If your account has not been used for 240 days. Then Pearson will deactivate your account. At this stage, you can still recover your account by just login into your account.
  • Account gets deleted: If your account has been inactive for more than 390 days then your account will get deleted. From this point, you cannot recover your account.

Pearson Official Website

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Can I Make Another Account in Pearson VUE?

Yes, in Pearson VUE, there is an option to add another user thus creating another account. But for adding another person, you must have the role of may add and add (other) users assigned to you. If the role is not assigned to you, you cannot do this. And you can verify this by checking whether you have an Add button on your user’s page.

How Do I Delete a User on Edexcel Online?

Edexcel Online is where the database of examination staff gets stored and managed. The Head of Examination or Head of the center is the role that Pearson manages so you cannot delete them directly. To make changes in this database you have to contact Pearson. But for the other staff, you can manage them directly. Let us see how you can get rid of the Pearson account of the user on Edexcel Online.

1. Visit the Edexcel Online System Login page on your browser.

2. Enter your Username and Password in the given fields and click on Log in.

Enter your Username and Password in the given fields and click on Log in

3. Click on Centre Accounts from the left pane.

4. Then, select List Accounts. The database of all users will appear.

Centre Accounts - List Accounts

5. Locate the desired user you want to delete and click on the red cross icon from that user section.

6. Click on OK from the popup to confirm the action.

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How to Delete Pearson Account?

Pearson manages the database of all the people that have access to educational resources. When someone leaves it is a healthy practice to remove them and keep the list updated. Let us see how you can delete a user.

1. Navigate to your Pearson account.

2. Then, click on the Select an action drop-down option.

3. Select the Users option from the drop-down menu.

Select an action - Users | How to Delete Pearson Account

4. Search for the desired username.

5. Then, click on the checkmark icon next to the desired user from the search results.

6. Click on the Select Tasks drop-down field and select the Delete / Restore Users option.

7. Again, click the checkbox next to the desired username to confirm the action.

8. Then, click on the Delete / Restore option.

click on the Delete Restore option

How to Delete Pearson MyLab Account?

When not in use it is best to remove the accounts from registered services. These inactive accounts may cause privacy concerns in the future. But for whatever reason you want to delete Pearson MyLab account it is easy to do it.

Let us see how you can delete Pearson MyLab account.

1. Sign in to your Pearson MyLab account.

Pearson mylab website | delete Pearson VUE account

2. Click on My Account from the home page.

3. Scroll down and click on the Delete Account drop-down option from the Delete Account section.

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How to Delete My Student Pearson Account?

Your student Pearson account is created by your institution so that you can access the study material from Pearson. But if you want to get rid of Pearson account, you cannot do it by yourself. For this, you have to contact the admin who manages this database. If you are an admin yourself and you want to delete Pearson account then let us see how you can do it.

1. Go to your Pearson account and click on the Select an action drop-down option.

2. Select the Organizations option.

Select an action - Organizations | How to Delete Pearson Account | delete Pearson VUE account

3. If you manage multiple organizations, select the desired organization from the drop-down list

4. Go to the main menu and select Students.

5. Search for the desired student from the search bar.

6. Select the desired student and click on Delete Students.

7. Click on Confirm from the popup.

How to Delete Pearson VUE Account?

If you want to delete the Pearson VUE account, then make sure you have the appropriate role. If you are the person with the role of may add edit (other) users, you can do it. But still, you cannot delete your account. For that, you need to contact the other admin with the same role assigned to them. Let us see how you can delete Pearson VUE account of other users from the database.

1. Log in to your Pearson VUE account.

2. Go to the Users page.

3. Locate the desired person whose account you want to delete.

4. After finding the user, click on the View option to see the full details.

5. Then, click on the Delete option.

6. Click on Yes to confirm.


So, we hope you have understood how to delete Pearson account with the detailed steps to your aid. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.

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