Twitter Circle Glitch Raises Privacy Concerns

Since Elon Musk took over the reins of the microblogging giant Twitter, controversy has hung over the company and Musk. As new glitches and bugs are discovered on the platform, users are becoming increasingly concerned over the credibility of the social media platform, recently Twitter Circle glitch raises privacy concerns among users worldwide.

Twitter Circle glitch raises privacy concerns

Massive layoffs and rapid changes to Twitter policies are being considered as possible causes of the platform’s increasing glitches. To test for new glitches, in the past few days, Elon Musk has made his Twitter account private for a temporary period; this is also to help determine if going private increases Twitter engagements. On February 1st, Musk tweeted that he was going private temporarily to check for various Twitter bugs. He used the platform to share, “Made my account private until tomorrow morning to test whether you see my private tweets more than my public ones.”

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Many Android users complained that they were not able to use DMs on the platform. On the other hand, other Twitter users also noted that they were briefly able to see blocked profiles on their feeds. Other users also reported that the birthday balloon sign was no longer visible. The list of new emerging Twitter errors keeps going on. The increased number of issues has caused significant privacy concerns among users.

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One of the most concerning issues arose from a glitch with Twitter Circle. If you are a regular Twitter user, you must be familiar with this feature. Twitter Circle works similarly to Instagram’s Close Friends feature. Launched recently, Twitter Circle allows users to reach out to their trusted accounts without creating alternate Twitter accounts. When someone adds you to their circle and posts within the circle, you can see a green banner beneath the tweets. Recently, many users have noticed that they are not able to see the green banner in the tweets posted in their circle, causing major privacy concerns.

However, when a user posts in the circle, the green banner rarely appears. You can identify a circle tweet, as you will not be able to share it on your feed. Similarly, if someone is using a private Twitter account, you will still be able to use the share option on the platform. Various users also complained that their circle tweets were shared publicly with everyone, however, these claims were not proven. In any case, all of these new emerging issues have raised serious privacy concerns about Twitter and its services.

As the Twitter Circle glitch raises privacy concerns, many warned their followers to be aware of tweets they shared in their Twitter Circle. Other users also raised concerns over the privacy and reliability of Twitter DMs. Although, the new error currently does not pose a direct threat to the privacy issues with Twitter, but, continuously rising errors do question Twitter’s credibility as a safe-to-use social media platform.

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