How to Delete Library on YouTube TV

Deleting a library on YouTube TV can help streamline your viewing experience by removing shows or movies you’re no longer interested in. This process involves navigating through your account settings and managing your saved content. Whether you’re looking to declutter your viewing list or simply want to make room for new favorites, this guide will walk you through the steps to efficiently delete content from your YouTube TV library, ensuring a more organized and tailored watching experience.

How to Delete Library on YouTube TV

How to Delete Library on YouTube TV

Deleting content from your library on YouTube TV involves a few steps, primarily because YouTube TV is designed to give users a flexible and personalized viewing experience. While you can’t delete the entire library in one go due to the way content is managed and stored on the platform, you can remove individual items such as movies, TV shows, and recordings from your library. Here’s how to manage and delete specific content:

Removing Shows or Movies from Your Library

1. Start by launching YouTube TV on your device. You can do this on a web browser by visiting or by opening the YouTube TV app on your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.

2. Navigate to Library. Once you’re in, find and click on the “Library” tab. This section is where all your saved shows, movies, recordings, and other content are stored.

3. In your library, browse through the categories or use the search function to find the show, movie, or event you want to remove.

4. Once you’ve found the content, select it to open the details page. Here, you’ll see options related to the content, such as scheduled recordings or episodes available for watching.

5. For TV shows, look for an option like “Remove from library” or a similar phrase. This option stops future recordings and removes existing episodes from your library.

6. For movies, the option might directly say “Remove from library” or “Delete.”

7. If prompted, confirm that you want to remove the selected content from your library. This step is crucial as it prevents accidental deletions.

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Managing DVR Recordings

YouTube TV’s DVR feature allows unlimited storage, but you might want to remove certain recordings to keep your library organized:

1. In the “Library” tab, go to the DVR section where your recordings are stored.

2. Find the recording you wish to delete. You can see all episodes recorded if it’s a series.

3. Similar to removing shows or movies, there should be an option to remove or delete the recording. Confirm the action if prompted.

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How Do I Edit My YouTube TV Library?

Now that you know how to delete episodes on YouTube TV, let us know how to edit your YouTube TV library. You can add or delete a program in your YouTube TV library.

Option I: Add Program to Library

You can click on the Add to library option from the menu of a show on YouTube TV. You may record all of a program’s recent and forthcoming airings by adding it to your library. You will have access to your recorded shows until they are removed.

click on the Add to library option from the menu of a show on YouTube TV

Option II: Delete Program from Library

The remove option is located next to the program’s title on the program page. Clicking on the Added to library option will remove the program from your library. A program will no longer be recorded if it is taken out of your library, including any future airings.

Clicking on the Added to library option will remove the program from your library

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How to Delete Recordings on YouTube?

Subscribers to YouTube TV have the option to manually delete and erase scheduled recordings from their library. That refers to recordings that are still to take place. In contrast, there is no ability to manually erase program episodes and previously recorded movies that may be seen in the library. This applies regardless of whether or not the video recordings have been watched.

1. Open the YouTube TV app on your TV.

2. Select the LIBRARY tab from the top.

Select the LIBRARY tab from the top

3. Then, select the desired movie or show you want to remove from the library list.

4. Choose the Added to library option to remove the show from the library.

Clicking on the Added to library option will remove the program from your library

It is how you can delete recordings on YouTube.

How to Delete Shows from YouTube TV Library?

You can delete shows from the YouTube TV library by selecting the LIBRARY tab > desired show > Added to library from the YouTube TV app.

What are the Pros and Cons of YouTube TV?

Let’s see the pros and cons of YouTube TV:

Pros of YouTube TV

  • Fantastic overall channel lineup with plenty of news and sports channels.
  • There is unlimited cloud DVR storage available. For folks who prefer to watch traditional television programs but have a schedule that doesn’t offer much flexibility for sitting in front of the TV at a given time, an unrestrained cloud DVR is a big bonus.
  • 3 concurrent streams and as many as 6 user accounts.
  • The service still provides cord-cutters with one of the greatest live TV streaming experiences at a cost that is still less than most cable bills, despite the fact that its price has been rising rapidly over the past several years.
  • It’s really simple to differentiate between adult video and children’s entertainment and vice versa thanks to silos of customized DVR storage places for people living in the same household.

Cons of YouTube TV

  • After being as low as $35, the monthly cost has now jumped to $65.
  • There are several regional sports networks that are not available.
  • Due to a (since resolved) contract disagreement, Roku customers momentarily had issues with YouTube TV.

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Managing your library on YouTube TV is straightforward once you understand the steps. Regularly reviewing and curating your library ensures that your YouTube TV experience remains relevant and enjoyable, tailored to your viewing preferences.

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