How to Delete an Unopened Snapchat Picture

Take back your messages on Snapchat before they're seen.

Have you ever accidentally sent a snap to the wrong person or regretted the content after sending it? If you have, learning how to recall a sent snap becomes essential. In this article, we will provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how to delete an unopened Snapchat snap containing a picture or video.

How to Delete an Unopened Snapchat Picture

How to Delete an Unopened Snapchat Picture

You can delete a delivered Snapchat picture if the recipient hasn’t seen it yet. Follow these simple steps to delete the unopened snap picture on Snapchat:

Note: The recipient will get notified stating that the snap was deleted.

1. Open the Snapchat app on your phone.

Note: Make sure you are logged into your account.

2. From the bottom panel, tap on the Chat tab to open the chat section.

tap on chat

3. Locate and tap on the desired unopened snap that you want to delete from Snapchat.

4. Tap and hold the Delivered option of that particular conversation until a prompt appears.

5. Once the prompt appears, tap on the Delete option.

tap on Delete

6. Confirm the prompt informing you that friends can see that you’ve deleted a Snap by tapping on Delete.

What Happens When You Delete an Unopened Snapchat?

When you delete an unopened Snapchat picture, it will:

  • Vanish from both the sender’s and receiver’s ends
  • Get removed from both users’ chat lists
  • The recipient will only see a notification that you deleted a snap.

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If You Delete a Snap Picture Before it’s Viewed, Can They See It?

No, if you delete a snap picture before the other person opens it, it will be removed from the chat list. They won’t be able to see the message. However, they’ll receive a notification that you deleted the snap.

We expect this article helped you learn how to delete an unopened Snapchat picture. After learning this, you can get rid of the pictures before the recipient ever lays eyes on them. If you have any questions or suggestions, reach out via the comments section below. Happy chatting, and see you soon!

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