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How to Delete a Post on OfferUp

Nowadays, buying and selling products or items have become quite common. Many sites offer this opportunity to the masses to sell and buy items according to their budget. One such site is OfferUp which is exclusive to the United States. If you are already using OfferUp and want to know how to delete OfferUp post and related stuff, keep reading this article till the end. Let us learn how do you delete an item on OfferUp with detailed steps.

How to Delete a Post on OfferUp

How to Delete a Post on OfferUp

As the name stands, OfferUp helps people to carry out selling and shopping of various items very easily. Let us learn more about it in detail before getting to the steps explaining how you can delete the desired post on Offerup.

What Is OfferUp?

OfferUp is a platform for people to shop stuff at reasonable rates or sell an unwanted item to others while sitting comfortably at home. It saves your time wandering around looking for that perfect sofa set for your living room. By sitting at home now, you can look for your dream car and choose which suits you. It is an authentic site for buyers and sellers.

Note: OfferUp is available only in the USA.

OfferUp | How to Delete a Post on OfferUp

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How Do You Delete a Post on OfferUp?

You cannot delete a post on OfferUp. You can only archive the post to unlist it. It will unlist the item from the search history pages on the OfferUp site and app. Follow the steps below to archive the desired post on OfferUp.

1. Open the OfferUp app on your mobile phone.

2. Tap on the Offers tab from the bottom bar.

3. Switch to the Selling section from the top and tap on the desired item from the list.

Tap on the Offers tab and switch to Selling section to select the desired item

4. Tap on the three-dotted icon beside the Edit option.

Tap on the three-dotted icon beside the Edit option | How to Delete a Post on OfferUp

5. Tap on the Archive option.

Tap on the Archive option

6. Tap on the Archive option from the confirmation popup. The desired post will get unlisted immediately.

Tap on the Archive option from the confirmation popup

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How Do You Delete an Item on OfferUp on Android?

As mentioned in the above answer, you cannot delete any of the posts on the OfferUp app for Android. You can only unlist them by archiving them. Follow the answer just above this one to understand how to archive items on OfferUp to unlist them from the feed and search results.

What is Archive on OfferUp?

Archiving an item or a post on OfferUp means that you are not selling the item, already sold, or want to sell it later. Archiving leads to the item being automatically unlisted and removed from any search result. Also, it does not delete the post but keeps it hidden in your profile which can be later listed again when you want to post it.

How Do I Delete an Archived OfferUp?

You simply cannot delete the archived OfferUp post. You only have the option to archive to unlist it. After archiving the post, it will not appear in the search results. If you want to know how to archive a post on OfferUp, read and follow the steps mentioned in answer to the question above.

What Happens When You Unarchive a Post on OfferUp?

If you have unarchived a post on OfferUp, it will again show up on your feed and be seen in future search results. If the item is sold and unarchived, then it will not appear in the feed.

How Do I Edit a Post on OfferUp?

To edit a post on OfferUp, follow the below steps:

1. Open the OfferUp app.

2. Tap on the Offers tab.

3. Tap on the Selling tab from the top

4. Then, tap on the desired item, as shown.

Tap on the Offers tab and switch to Selling section to select the desired item | How to Delete a Post on OfferUp

5. Tap on the Edit option under the desired post.

Tap on the Edit option under the post

6. Tap on the Save option after you are done editing to save the changes you made.

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Can You Delete an Item on OfferUp?

No, you cannot know how to delete OfferUp post because there is no dedicated way to do it. If you have sold the item, it will automatically move to the archive section. If you want to unlist or hide any item/post, then archive it from the Offers page. Read and follow the steps mentioned at the start of this article to know how to hide posts on OfferUp.

Can You Get Scammed on OfferUp?

Yes, there is always a possibility of getting scammed when you deal with selling/buying online. This could happen in many ways. It may be fake product items, whereas others can scam you by not paying you. If something happens, you need to report it from the OfferUp Support page.

OfferUp Support page

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Should I Give My Address on OfferUp?

No, OfferUp is a public app where important information like address, bank details, or others should not be put up. If you are into selling/buying, you can always opt for a safe meeting spot to further process the arrangements. Putting personal details on social sites can be a risky thing.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Legit on OfferUp?

To check the legitimacy of a seller/buyer, always check their profile thoroughly. You can do it by checking their reviews, ratings, or any badges that they might have earned. This way, you can know if you are buying from or selling to the right person.

Are All Sales Final on OfferUp?

Yes, the sales on OfferUp are final if or when they are marked as sold. If you have already made the payment or received it, the deal is undoubtedly closed between you and the respective party.

Is There Another Site Like OfferUp?

Yes, many other sites like OfferUp offer you to sell/buy products online. Few such options are eBay, Oodle, LetGo, 5Miles, Etsy, Poshmark, etc.

eBay | How to Delete a Post on OfferUp


We hope that you learned how to delete OfferUp post. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Let us know what you want to learn about next.

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