How to Create Avatar Using Roblox Avatar Auto Setup

Roblox has become one of the most used gaming platforms for kids and adults alike to play user-created games. It allows gamers to create their games as well as different avatars with the help of AI-driven tech.

Once again the platform has introduced two new AI-powered tools, this time with regard to building avatars and texturing. Now you can create your 3D model in Roblox through its Avatar Auto Setup feature. Keep reading to check out how!

How to Create Avatar Using Roblox Avatar Auto Setup

How to Create Avatar Using Roblox Avatar Auto Setup

With a single click, Avatar Auto Setup transforms 3D body meshes into dynamic, animated avatars, speeding the avatar creation process. While once it used to take days to complete the process, now it just takes a few minutes. 

1. Open Roblox Studio and click on Avatar present from the tab located above.

2. Click on Avatar Setup and then on Set Up Avatar.

Click on Set Up Avatar

3. Choose features like rigging, facial animation, skinning, clothing, caging, partitioning, and much more from the auto setup tool.

4. After your selected avatar is completed, test the model from the Preview Window.

5. Click on the Body, Face, and Test in Experience icons from the left tabs to verify features before uploading.

6. To unequip an item, click it again in the selection column and press the X button at the top right of the equipped item.

Note: You can also right-click the asset in the Equipped column and select Unequip. 

7. To add assets, click on the Plus icon located at the bottom of the menu after selecting from Explorer or 3D workspace.

8. Click on the Test in Experience button to playtest without transferring setup changes.

9. Finally, click on the Publish button to upload your avatar and accessories to Marketplace.

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What are the Features Will Be Created Using Roblox Avatar Auto Setup?

The Avatar Auto Setup offers a ton of features for users such as:

  • Avatar Customisation Templates: You can use pre-made templates for the avatar creation process such as clothing styles or facial traits, rapidly.
  • Real-time Mesh Optimisation: You can also add a mesh complexity optimization feature to be adjusted in real-time during the auto-setup phase. Doing so helps the avatars to perform effectively within the game without compromising on visual quality. This is especially helpful for low-end or mobile devices.
  • Custom Animation Import: Users can import their custom animations to further modify avatar movements, clothing, skins, and much more.

What are the Model Requirements for Roblox Avatar Auto Setup?

Avatar Auto-Setup requires a certain set of conditions from the input body model to function as best it can.

Since these needs differ from the standard avatar model specifications, you might need to modify your present character texture using a modeling tool from a third party.

  • Single Mesh: Ensure the body is a single mesh with 6 merged components, including 1 main head and body with specific features and 5 distinct head components.
  • Non-Shared Head Geometry: Head geometry such as eyeballs, teeth, and tongue must not share vertices with the body mesh.
  • _Geo Affix: The asset name must end with _Geo.
  • Triangle Budget: Total body mesh resolution must be within 20k triangles.
  • Humanoid Shape: The body should resemble a humanoid shape with standard body parts.
  • A-Pose: The body should be in an upright A-pose facing the negative Z-axis.
  • Symmetry: Ensure left and right symmetry, although asymmetrical bodies may still function.
  • Watertightness: Ensure the model is watertight except for the eyes and mouth.
  • No Accessories: Do not include any accessories like hair, eyebrows, or eyelashes.
  • Distinct Neck Area: Keep the neck distinct from the shoulders and upper torso.
  • Texture Inclusion: The model should include a base textureID or SurfaceAppearance object.
  • Policy Compliance: The model must adhere to Roblox’s Marketplace Policy and Community Standards.

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What are the Supported Importing Models on Avatar Auto Setup?

Follow the guidelines shown in the method above to know the exact supported importing models that can be used in Avatar Auto Setup.

What are the Unsupported Importing Models on Avatar Auto Setup?

Check out these examples of unsupported importing models on Avatar Auto Setup:

  • Asymmetrical model.
  • If the model has an I-pose and not an A-pose.
  • If the model is animal-shaped.
  • If the model has a non-contiguous mesh.
  • If the model has no neck.
  • If the limbs of the model are out of proportion.

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What is Test in Experience on Roblox Avatar Auto Setup?

Test in Experience is a way to playtest your experience in the game. It is located in the Preview window.

In this mode, no adjustments or changes any changes you have made to the avatar during its setup ranging from skin tone or body component swaps to accessories, are not transfered to the playable character model yet until you permit.

When will Avatar Auto Setup Not Yield Expected Results?

An Avatar Auto Setup will not yield the expected results if you do not meet the requirements for the 3D model.

Therefore, it is important to carefully go through the prerequisites mentioned above to make sure you can successfully create an avatar.

Now that you have understood how to create an avatar in Roblox with the new Avatar Auto Setup, enjoy building different 3D models within minutes!

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