How to Create and Buy AI-designed Fashion from Off/Script

Transform your fashion dreams into reality with Off/Script AI-designed fashion piece!

Have you ever thought about owning your AI-designed fashion piece that’s as unique as you are? If yes, then Off/Script has turned your dream into a reality with its fashion app, which helps people create designs with artificial intelligence. In this guide, we’ll explore the AI fashion design software by Off/script website and how to create dynamic designs with a few simple clicks.

How to Create and Buy AI-designed Fashion from Off Script

Off/Script Launches an App to Create and Buy AI-designed Fashion

Founders of the Off/Script website, Jonathan Brun and Justine Massicotte, have recently announced the official launch of its mobile app to create and buy AI-designed fashion. The idea behind the app was to empower everyone to conceptualize, share, and monetize product mock-ups for a chance to make the concept a reality. Creators can design any product or create a new one without any limitations.

The users can vote on their favorites, and when a product gains more than 100 votes, it is considered by the Montreal-based startup for funding, manufacturing, and shipping. Off/Script app also evaluates the complexity of the project, cost of production, and how much inventory to order based on demand. You can follow these steps to create or buy AI-designed fashion from Off/Script:

Method 1: To Create AI Fashion

Follow the below steps to create a new AI fashion: 

1. Install the mobile Off/Script app from the App Store.

2. Create a profile and Log in.

3. Go to your profile and select Start creating.

select Start creating | AI fashion design software by Off/script

4. Then, select Start Creating with AI.

5. Tap on Describe your idea and explain carefully the design you have in mind.

6. Tap on Generate and wait for around 60 seconds.

generate AI-fashion

7. Select the best option from the results and tap on Post.

click on post

Method 2: To Buy AI-Fashion

Follow the steps mentioned below to buy AI fashion:

1. Open the Off/Script app and tap on the Made Real option at the top.

2. Tap on Browse Catalog.

click on browse catalog | AI fashion design software by Off/script

3. Select the product you want to buy.

4. Check all the specifications and 360-image.

select the product AI fashion design software by Off/script

5. Swipe down and tap on Buy Now.

buy the AI-fashion product

That’s it, now you can buy any type of AI fashion.

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The AI fashion design software by the Off/script app has created a lot of opportunities for people who had the talent but lacked resources. This is one of the best uses of AI in the fashion industry. Let us know your thoughts and stay tuned to Techcult for more such updates.

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