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How to Convert iPhone Video to MP4

Easily convert your iPhone videos to the versatile MP4 format!

Despite MOV being the usual video format for iPads and iPhones, not all platforms support it. To enable playback on these platforms, it is essential to change these videos to other acceptable file types. Explore this article further to learn the step-by-step process of how to convert iPhone video to MP4 format.

How to Convert iPhone Video to MP4

How to Convert iPhone Video to MP4

The iPhone is renowned for its exceptional photo and video quality, offering users numerous benefits. However, the default video format for Apple devices, MOV, can pose challenges when uploading videos to certain platforms or software. To overcome this limitation, you can convert iPhone videos to the widely supported MP4 format with the help of third-party apps like Media Converter or online tools. 

Note: We do not endorse any apps/software that offer such services; therefore, use these at your own discretion. 

1. For iPhone

Media Converter is a well-liked program to convert audio and video files on your iPhone without cost, with more than 12,000 evaluations. When working with videos currently on your computer, it may be quicker to convert MOV files to MP4 using desktop programs and browser extensions. But, if your file is on an iPhone, utilize Media Convertor to convert iPhone video to MP4 by following the instructions listed below:

1. Download the Media Convertor app on your device from the App Store and open it.

2. Now, tap on Import Files (+) button.

tap on Import Files (+) button

3. Then, select Import From Photo Library.

select Import from Photo Library

4. Choose the video you want to convert. Then, tap Done.

5. Tap on imported files in the Files list. Select Convert Video (Trim).

Select Convert Video (Trim)

6. Choose mp4 from the Format menu.

Choose mp4 from the Format menu | convert iPhone video to MP4

7. Tap the Convert button in the upper right corner (the icon shows an arrow coming out of a box).

Tap Convert button

Your converted iPhone movie with the MP4 file name extension will now be visible in the Files list.

Note: By tapping the Information icon, your MP4 movie can be shared or saved. Depending on where you want the file to go, select Save to phone album, Move to, or Send and Save.

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2. For PC

You must first transfer the iPhone video to your Desktop before beginning the MP4 conversion. You only need to use a data cable to connect your iPhone to your computer. On your PC, you can use online tools like VideoProc Converter, HandBrake, and VLC to convert your iPhone video to MP4 or MP3 format. This top video converter is feature-rich, highly customizable, and simple to use.

1. On a Mac or Windows computer, download, set up, and launch VideoProc Converter.

VideoProc Converter

2. Play the video and transfer the files from your iPhone from your PC into this software.

3. Under the Target Format section, choose MP4 H.264. Eliminate the Auto Copy checkbox. Click Run.

Other video iPhone video converters that you can use for free to convert MOV videos into MP4 or MP3 files for your iPhone are as follows:

  • iMovie: It is a QuickTime converter that enables free conversion of iPhone video to MP4. 
  • Zamzar: You may convert iPhone videos to several video formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, and MPG, using the online media conversion service Zamzar. 
  • CloudConvert: Your video files are converted online by CloudConvert. The settings allow you to regulate the video’s resolution, quality, and file size.
  • Convertio: All current web browsers and OS systems work with Convertio. It receives millions of visitors each month and is quite simple to use. There is no need to register to use any of its services. You can also use the software to convert iPhone video to MP4 format on your PC.
  • Video to MP3: With this app’s help, audio can be easily chopped and converted to any format. You may quickly chop and trim video files, combine audio files, and convert videos to MP3 with a variety of settings with the Fastest video to MP3 converter. Also, high-quality MP3 tracks can be quickly extracted from videos.
  • Video to MP3 Converter App: This app lets you convert your video files into MP3 music files.

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Capturing videos on your iPhone requires significant time and effort. Fortunately, there’s no need to re-record your video due to an incompatible file type. With tools like Media Converter, effortlessly convert iPhone video to MP4 or any preferred format in a quick and hassle-free manner.

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