How To Convert MOV To MP4 On Mac

MOV and MP4 are both video file formats. MOV files have smaller compression, are huge, and offer high video quality. Whereas, MP4 files provide low picture quality, small size, and high compression. Even though the conversion process is easy and can be done with built-in software or third-party apps, it becomes a task to convert MOV to MP4 on devices such as Mac due to their incompatibility with MP4 format. In this article, we will discuss how to convert MOV to MP4 on Mac in detail. So, keep reading till the end to learn about the use of in-built and third-party apps in conversion.

How to Convert MOV to MP4 on Mac

How to Convert MOV to MP4 on Mac

We have covered various methods that you can opt to convert the files to MP4 on your device. They are easy to abide by and follow, so you do not have to worry.

Quick Answer

To convert MOV to MP4 on Mac, use iMovie application:

1. Launch iMovie, click on File, and then New Movie.

2. Click on Import Media to launch the media browser.

3. Select the file to be imported and click on Import Selected.

Method 1: Using Terminal

You can make use of a terminal on your device to convert MOV to MP4 on Mac free. To learn how to do this, check out the steps mentioned below:

1. First, launch Terminal on your Mac by navigating to Finder > Applications > Utilities. Then, to install HomeBrew, you will have to type the code given below:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL”

launch terminal

2. This process might take some minutes. Next, type your Mac password and verify your identity to install HomeBrew. After this, to install the FFmpeg shell program, type the command mentioned below:

brew install ffmpeg

3. After that, make use of the commands discussed below to convert the files after you have installed the add-on, switching the file paths as essential.

ffmpeg -i [path to input file] -c:v copy -c:a copy [path to output file].mp4

4. Ensure that you change the address of the input and output files with the original file addresses. Following this, the video would convert to MP4.

Method 2: Using QuickTime Player

Another way to convert is by using the QuickTime Player. To make yourself familiar with how to do so, read the below steps:

1. Go to the QuickTime Player on your device. Then, click on the File tab and now select the Open File option to import your MOV files.

Click on the File tab and select the Open File | convert MOV to MP4 on Mac

2. Then, after you import the files, click on the export option from the drop-down menu. After this, choose the Movie to MPEG-4 option from the provided list and now click on Save.

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Method 3: Using iMovie

iMovie is video editing software that can be used to convert MOV to MP4 on Mac. iMovie is compatible with macOS Big Sur and later, so ensure that your device supports it. When you bought your Mac, then iMovie would have been installed on your device. If not, then download it from the App Store for free. Adhere to the following steps to convert using iMovie:

1. Launch iMovie and then select File > New Movie from the drop-down menu.

launch imovie, then choose file

2. Then, click on the Import Media option to launch the media browser. After this, you would be able to import media into iMovie.

click on import media | convert MOV to MP4 on Mac

3. After that, select the file you wish to convert and then click on Import Selected option located in the bottom-right corner.

4. After the file has been imported, click on it. Then, click on File and choose Share > File.

click on file, then choose share

5. Now, you can change the export settings like quality, resolution, etc. Now, click on Next option, and then choose a file name as well as the location to save the file that has been converted and click on Save.

Method 4: Using HandBrake

To learn how to convert MOV to MP4 on Mac, abide by this method. By using HandBrake which is a free and open-source tool you can convert the file formats. You can navigate to the HandBrake website to use it for free. Follow the below steps to do so:

Note: We do not endorse any third-party applications. Please download them at your own risk.

1. First, open HandBrake and then, choose Open Source located on the top of the HandBrake window.

2. Now, choose the file you wish to convert.

choose open source, then select file format

3. After that, select the file format from the Preset menu. Also, select the exported file location from the Save As an option located at the bottom.

4. To batch-convert the files, choose the Add to Queue option. After the file is added to the queue, then launch it and add a new file to the queue by making use of the steps above.

5. Then, click on the Start option to begin the encoding, this has to be done after all the files have been imported into HandBrake.

At the bottom of your window, the bar which shows the progress for the encodings would be displayed. After, the files are converted, you can make use of your encoded MP4 files.

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Method 5: Using CloudConvert

The CloudConvert can also be used to covert the MOV files to MP4. Abide by the steps discussed below, to do so:

1. On CloudConvert, launch the MOV to MP4 converter, then select the MOV file, and following that click on Upload option.

select the file | convert MOV to MP4 on Mac

2. You will then have to click on Convert right now to start the conversion of the MOV video to MP4. After it is done, click on Get to download the video in MP4 format.

Method 6: Using VLC

The steps to convert MOV to MP4 on Mac by using VLC are given below. Moreover, to learn how to convert MOV to MP4 on Windows, follow this method. You can have a look at steps below to get familiar with it:

1. First, you will have to install VLC on your device. After it is done launch it and then click on the File menu and select the Converter / Stream option. In VLC for windows, after you click on the Media menu, choose Convert / Save from the drop-down menu.

2. Next, click on the Open media option, to import the MOV video file.

3. After that, by default the target format is set to Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4) in the Choose Profile section.

4. Then, click on the Save as File option to choose the location and name for the converted MP4 file, now click on Save to start the conversion.

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Method 7: Using Animaker

Check out the steps of this method to convert your files to the desired format. Read and abide them as given:

1. In the MOV to MP4 converter window of Animaker, click on the Start Converting option. After this, the MOV file that you want to convert to MP4 would be uploaded.

2. Then, click on the Download option located in the upper right corner to download the video in the MP4 format.


This wraps our article on how to convert MOV to MP4 on Mac. We hope that our guide made the conversion process easier for you. You can reach out to us with your suggestions and queries via the comments section below. Also, let us know what topic you want to gain insights on in our next article.

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