How to Convert Image to Text in Canva

Set the path from photographs to paragraphs!

We find a lot of images with amazing poems, quotes, and catchy taglines, and wonder wouldn’t it be great if we could just extract that text from this image? Well, Canva is here again to save the day with its new Grab Text feature to skip the hassle of manually typing the image content. Read on to learn how to convert images to text in Canva with just a few clicks.

how to convert image to text in canva

How to Convert Picture to Text in Canva

Canva has recently launched a new feature that was highly in demand by its users, which is Grab Text, a powerful feature to extract text from images with just a few clicks. This tool will use AI technology to identify text in an image and convert it into an editable format that can be used in any design. Grab Text can separate words and phrases from any photo of a document or a screenshot.

Note: Grab Text feature is only available on Canva Pro. We can help you get Canva Pro for free if you are a student and do not have one already.

1. Open Canva and import the image from which you want to grab the text.

2. Click on the Edit photo option at the top.

3. From the left menubar, select the Grab Text option under Magic Studio.  

Convert Picture to Text in Canva

Now the text will automatically become editable, which you can copy and paste into a new design or to a document.

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When was the Image-to-Text Convert Feature Launched in Canva?

Grab Text feature in Canva was launched in October 2023, which allows users to easily incorporate text from images into their designs, for social media posts, flyers, or presentations.

Do I need a Canva Premium Account to Convert Images to Text in Canva?

Yes, you need a premium account to insert data from the picture in Canva. The Canva Pro plan costs $12.95 per month and $119.40 per annum.

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Can I Add Text to an Image in Canva?

Yes, you can easily add text to an image in Canva. All you have to do is import the image and select Text from the left sidebar options. Then type your text and position it accordingly. Not only that, you can even blur text on Canva easily. 

With Grab Text, you can easily convert images to text in Canva without having to follow complex processes. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and stay connected to Techcult for more such feature updates.

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