How to Comment Anonymously on Facebook Group

Being one of the most popular social media networks globally, Facebook has a huge user base. While the platform lets people share information and connect, many users prefer to stay anonymous when they comment on someone’s posts. Now the question arises, is there any such feature? If not, then how to comment on on a Facebook group anonymously? Let’s find out.

How to Comment Anonymously on Facebook Group

How to Comment Anonymously on Facebook

You must make sure that the post itself is anonymous to comment anonymously on it. While your comment will be anonymous to other group members, the group admins, moderators, and Facebook itself can still see your name and profile picture.

Not all Facebook groups have the anonymous commenting feature enabled and it depends on the group creator’s settings.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Tap on the three lines in the top right corner, select Groups, and tap on Your groups.
  3. Go to the Facebook group where you want to comment anonymously and find the post you wish to comment on.
  4. Tap on Comment.
  5. Type your comment and click on the Send button.

Anonymous comment

How to Enable Anonymous Commenting in Facebook Groups

Follow the steps mentioned below to enable the discussed feature in your Facebook group:

  1. Open Facebook and navigate to the group you manage.
  2. Click on the Group admin badge in the top-right corner of the group page.
  3. Scroll down and select Group settings from the menu.
  4. Tap on Anonymous posting.
  5. Toggle on People can submit anonymous posts in this group option and tap on Save.

Tap on save

Once the anonymous commenting feature is enabled, group members can post and comment anonymously within that specific group.

How to Create an Anonymous Facebook Account

Another option to comment anonymously is to create a separate Facebook account not linked to your real identity.

  1. Visit the Facebook website.
  2. Fill in your Name, Date of birth, and Email address.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Choose a password and tap on Sign Up.

Tap on sign up

You can start commenting using this account. However, remember such accounts have high chances to get banned by Facebook.

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So this is how you can comment anonymously on a Facebook group. If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to TechCult for more such helpful guides.

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