How to Clean HP Printhead

Printheads are an important part of printers as they host ink cartridges and keep them operating for high-quality prints. Your printer will frequently require a clean printhead which you can do yourself. However, it’s important to be gentle and careful while cleaning the printhead, as these components are delicate. In this guide, we will discuss various methods to clean HP printhead.

How to Clean HP Printhead

How to Clean HP Printhead

A printhead on your printer can be cleaned by two methods, the first method involves steps using computer software, and the other method involves manually cleaning printer HP which can help with HP printer clogged ink nozzle.

Note: When manually cleaning your printer head, it is important to avoid damaging the printhead or ink cartridges, as this can lead to costly repairs at a service center. To prevent damage, make sure the printer is off and unplugged.

How to Clean HP Printhead with HP Expert

If your HP printer clogged ink nozzle and requires cleaning, you can use HP experts to clean it. Follow these simple steps to clean your HP printhead with HP experts:

1. On your computer, run Clean Printhead program.

2. If the Clean Printhead program does not work, manually open the cover of your printer and unplug the printer from the electric outlet.

3. Carefully remove all the ink cartridges from the printer and clean the contacts with a clean cloth.

4. Now, carefully clean the printhead contacts.

5. Carefully reinsert the cartridges back into the printer.

6. Now, plug the printer back into the electric outlet.

7. Now, let the printer boot up.

8. Now, perform a test print with an empty sheet to see if the printhead has been cleaned.

9. To clean the printhead properly, you may have to perform this procedure many times.

Note: If you continue to receive bad prints even after following the above-mentioned steps for HP ink tank printer head cleaning, the issue can be caused by other problems with the printer that cannot be helped with cleaning printer HP. You should consider taking your printer to a repair center to diagnose and resolve the issue.

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How to Clean Printhead from Computer

You can also clean your computer’s HP printhead. Follow these simple steps to clean HP printhead on your computer.

1. Click on Start on your computer.

2. Search for and open the Control Panel.

Search for and open the Control Panel | clean HP printhead

3. Here, click on View devices and printers 

Note: Here, you will find a list of any printers you have connected to previously as well as the ones you currently use).

click on View devices and printers

4. Click on the printer icon and select Properties.

Note: If you see an indication that your ink cartridges are all full but your print jobs are fuzzy or smudged, then, this is a clear sign that you need to clean the printhead to resolve the HP printer clogged ink nozzle issue.

Click on the printer icon and select Properties | HP printer clogged ink nozzle

5. Click on Printing Preferences, and then navigate to the Service tab.

6. Click on Printer Services in the next window.

7. Locate and click on Clean Printheads, to start the process of cleaning the printhead without manually removing it.

How to Clean Printhead Manually

You can also manually perform HP ink tank printer head cleaning. Follow these simple steps to clean your printhead manually.

1. Turn on the printer, and then open the access door.

Note: Opening the access door varies by printer model.

2. The printer carriage will move to the center, and you can access the printhead and cartridges.

3. Before you unplug your device from the outlet, wait until the cartridges have stopped moving.

4. Remove the cartridges by lifting them or pushing on the tab that holds them.

5. Place the cartridges on a piece of clean paper. To properly clean printer HP, ensure the nozzle is pointing away from the surface.

6. Clean the contacts located on the bottom of ink cartridges with a clean cloth ( preferably lint-free). Make sure you don’t touch or damage the cartridge.

Note: The contacts should be pointing away from any surface to avoid damage. The nozzle should not be pointing down to prevent the rest of the ink in the chamber from draining out.

7. You can also use a cotton or foam rubber swab moistened with bottled water to gently clean it off.

Note: Do not use alcohol or any other cleaning fluid to clean the printer contact points or printheads to avoid an HP printer clogged ink nozzle issue with the printer.

8. Dry the contact points for 10 minutes before replacing the ink cartridge in the printer. You can also use cotton swabs to dry the contacts.

9. Now, inside your printer, locate any contact points and print carriages that need HP ink tank printer head cleaning, then clean them with a cloth or a swab.

10. Wait for around five minutes for the print carriage to dry, and then reinsert the ink cartridges into the printer.

11. Carefully snap the cartridges into place, and make sure they’re secure before you plug in the power cord.

12. Close the printhead cover and wait for the initialization process to finish the cleaning printer HP.

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When Should I Clean Printhead

When you have not used your printer for a long time, your printer’s printhead may get dirty. Users generally should print a few pages with their printer at least once a month to avoid dirty printhead issues and maintain print quality. However, even if you use your printer regularly, you may encounter a dirty printhead issue and need to clean the HP printhead.

It is easy to diagnose this problem, you can determine if the issue is caused by the printhead by just looking at your printer. You can keep the following points in mind to know when to clean the printhead.

  • If the LED screen or the PC is telling you that the ink is full in the cartridges but none is passing through the paper during printing, this is because the printhead on your HP printer clogged ink nozzle and needs cleaning.
  • If you can print but the print quality is poor, such as blurry images and missing words on paper, this could be a sign of a clogged printhead on your HP printer.

Why Perform Nozzle Check before Cleaning?

However, before you start the HP ink tank printer head cleaning, you will have to perform a nozzle check to make sure the issue is indeed caused by the printhead. A nozzle check not only helps you understand the cause of the problem, but you will also be able to keep your printer, printhead, ink, and cartridges safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why can’t I print from an HP printer?

Ans. If your printhead is clogged, you may not be able to print documents properly.

Q. Can I clean the printhead on my computer?

Ans. Yes, you can clean the printheads on your computer by navigating to the Control Panel.

Q. Can ink cartridges cause printheads to malfunction?

Ans. Yes, if there is an ink spill or other printer malfunctions, the printhead may get affected and require cleaning and maintenance.

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We hope this guide was helpful to you and you were able to find methods on how to clean HP printhead. Let us know which method worked best for you. If you have any suggestions or queries for us, please let us know in the comment section.

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