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How to Check a Private Number That Called You

Revealing the identity of a private number caller can be challenging but not impossible.

Have you received a call from a private number and want to track down the owner? If so, generally, this can only be done by law enforcement or government agencies. As private calls can often be a little threatening, today, you will get to know how to check a private number that called you. The methods listed below are safe to use, but there may be legal and ethical considerations to be taken into account before attempting to uncover a private caller’s identity.

How to Check a Private Number That Called You

How to Check a Private Number That Called You

Private numbers hide the caller’s identity, and it makes it difficult to identify who had called you. Still, there are certain methods you can follow to collect the caller’s information and perhaps discover the source of the private call. Let’s learn what are these methods in detail.

Quick Answer

It is difficult to discover the phone number for the private number that calls you with any tool. So, it is best to contact your area’s service provider or law enforcement department to find out the identity behind that private number.

Can I Trace a Private Number Call?

It is challenging to trace a private number call you received by using the resources available to you as private numbers do not show up as phone numbers. There are certain codes, apps, and services that claim to know the actual phone number behind the private number and other unknown or blocked numbers, but be cautious as they may not be legal or trustworthy. It’s best to contact your service provider or local authorities for assistance in tracing such numbers and to understand the procedures and conditions involved.

Is There Any Way to Find Out Who Called You from a Private Number?

Yes, there are certain ways using which you can check who called you from a private number. It is difficult to track a real person behind the private number; but by using a special code and contacting your service provider, you may learn about the real owner of the private number.

What Does *69 Mean on a Cell Phone?

*69 is a number used to call back the phone number from the last received call. It is commonly used in countries like the USA and Canada. The callback number varies depending on the country. If you have a mobile phone, you can simply use your phone’s dialer or #69 code to call back the last received number. On a landline, you can directly dial *69 to achieve the same result.

How to Call Back a Private Number?

You can call back a private number by following these steps:

Method 1: Using 69 Code

Note: You can only call a private number with the 69 codes when the private number was the last incoming call.

You can dial *69 on your landline to call the last incoming call. Also, dialing #69 on your smartphone and placing a call will connect you to the recent number in your call history without actually checking the private number.

Method 2: Using Phone Dialer

1. Open the Phone Dialer app on your Android or iOS device.

2. Tap on the Private number from your recent calls to call back the private number.

It is not guaranteed that the call will go through, as it may have been the number connected with a burner phone.

How to Check a Private Number That Called You?

To know how to check a private number that called you, follow the below-mentioned methods:

Method 1: Contact Network Service Provider

You can contact your network provider and request them for your call log activity. You must understand their privacy policy first and then explore the options together to find the private number.

Method 2: Use Phone Lookup Services

You may also use some phone lookup tools to reveal the caller’s identities and locations. However, this information may not always be correct. Read and follow our guide on the 7 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services (Free and Paid) to learn about the options you can use. One of them is Truecaller, which you can use to identify the caller’s name even if they are calling you for the first time.

Truecaller official website

Method 3: Use TrapCall App

You can also use the paid services from the TrapCall app to unmask private numbers.

Note: This app may not provide you with accurate private number information, so check it properly before reporting it to the authorities.

1. Download and install the TrapCall app on your Android or iOS device.

2. Register your account using your phone number and email.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable the service.

4. After you receive a phone call from a private number, you will receive a call from the TrapCall service displaying the phone number of the recently received private number.

Method 4: Contact Law Enforcement

Lastly, if you received a call from someone threatening or blackmailing you, you can contact your local law enforcement agency and request them to trace and identify the private number caller.

With the methods mentioned for how to check a private number that called you in this guide, you can gather as much information as possible to identify the private phone number. You must respect privacy laws and regulations and consult relevant authorities or legal professionals if needed during this process. Leave your queries and suggestion in the comments section below, and we’ll see you in the next guide!

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