How to Chat with a Girl on WhatsApp

Learn how to strike up an engaging virtual conversation and capture her interest.

Did you get the WhatsApp number of the girl you met at work or on a dating site? Congratulations! You’ve completed the first step successfully. Now, it’s time to demonstrate your charisma, become her favorite, and make a lasting impression. Therefore, keep reading this guide to learn how to chat with a girl on WhatsApp and ask her for her pictures in a respectful manner.

How to Chat with a Girl on WhatsApp

How to Chat with a Girl on WhatsApp

Although there are no pre-written rules to follow, we have some practical tips for talking to a girl on WhatsApp. It’s important to remember that every girl or woman is unique, with her own preferences and dislikes. So, avoid stereotyping and assuming that all girls are alike.

Tip #1: Set up a Good Profile

The first impression matters a lot. Thus, before messaging a girl:

  • Make sure to put one of the best pictures of yourself as your WhatsApp profile picture. If you do not want to put a photo of yourself, you can choose your favorite cartoon character, movie star, or athlete for this purpose.
  • Write good About info to increase your chances of getting attention. If you happen to know about her favorite song or movie, then bingo! A few lines of the lyrics of that song are what you may put on your WhatsApp bio.

Tip #2: Research About Her Interests Through Her Social Media Profiles

It is always good to try to know what she likes and dislikes before starting a conversation. If she has shared her social media profiles, like her Instagram profile link or ID with you, feel free to look at her interests. This will give you a strong topic to start a conversation.

Note: In this process, do not react to her posts. This behavior is termed stalking and is a red flag. It creeps out most of the girls, and you do not want to lose the game before it begins.

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Tip #3: Break the Ice

Now that you have done your homework, it is time to start the chat with the girl you like on WhatsApp.

  • You can start with a simple Hi or Hello, followed by something like Remember me? or How are you?
  • Start the conversation with open-ended questions, which she can answer in detail.
  • Ask her questions about her daily activities, like how her day turned out, and her work. Avoid asking too personal questions in the first conversation.
  • Ask about her interests, and start a conversation about it. Create something in common between you, which will keep the conversation flowing.

Tip #4: Keep the Conversation Natural and be Confident

This is one of the most important points to note.

  • You are trying to have a conversation with her, and not interrogating her.
  • Keep it natural, wait for her replies patiently, and let her ask you questions as well.
  • One of the interesting ways to keep the conversation going is to respond to her answers with a follow-up question and your answer to it. For example, if she responds that her favorite TV show is Breaking Bad, you can respond to it like this: Me too! I do not like Skyler at all, do you?
  • You can also ask her statement questions, to which she will respond with a follow-up question.

Tip #5: Compliment Her

  • Girls love compliments when it is about her looks or deeds. You may compliment her on her new hairstyle or nail paint, or even on her passions.
  • Do not get creepy while complimenting and say something offensive. Your compliments should be considerate and cute.
  • Avoid giving personal compliments to the girl at first through WhatsApp chats. Once things flow smoothly and get more casual, you may give more personal compliments and even flirt a little more.

Tip #6: Be Funny and Show Her Your Deep Side

Another trait that girls love in guys is the ability of the latter to make the former laugh. Why is Chandler Bing of Friends so popular? Right, because he was funny and sarcastic. Tell her about your funny encounters and crazy stories. On the other hand, you can ask her deeper questions, like her dreams, ambitions, plans for the future, and so on.

Note: Be careful of what you say. What you consider funny might be offensive or cringe from her perspective. Also, avoid asking too deep questions in the beginning, as it may invade her privacy or freak her out.

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Tip #7: Do Not Look Desperate

If the conversation stops at some point, do not try to spam unnecessary WhatsApp chat messages to the girl to just fill the silence. You need to give her the space to get back to you if she desires. The moment she realizes that you are desperate to get her replies, she will find you less attractive and cringe.

Tip #8: Draw Conclusion and Decide on the Next Move

Finally, try to draw conclusions from her overall tone of chatting. If she seems to indulge in the conversation, continue it. On the contrary, if she seems to care less about your questions and ignores you, you can wrap up your game and stop wasting your as well as her time.

How to Ask a Girl for Her Pictures on WhatsApp?

Try asking a girl for her pictures on WhatsApp only when you have had conversations with her for quite some time. If you start asking for her pictures right from the beginning, it will make you look desperate. As a result, she might lose interest in you and block and report you in the worst case.

Once things start getting more casual, you can ask her personal questions. The best way to ask a girl for her pictures without sounding desperate is to send her a picture of yours first. Tell her about your new attire and ask her how she likes it. If the girl seems interested, ask her about the dress she has bought recently, and a WhatsApp picture of herself in it.

What Topics to Chat about with a Girl on WhatsApp?

The topic to chat on must be based on the interests of you two. Following is a list of non-exhaustive topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp:

  • Her favorite musical artist, songs, movies, TV shows, games, and so on
  • Her passion, ambition, and dream
  • Things which you take interest in
  • Things that are common between you two
  • Latest happenings in her area, if she lives in another city
  • Latest technological developments, if she is a geek

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So, we hope this article has given you valuable tips on how to chat with a girl on WhatsApp. You have to be kind, courteous, and considerate towards her and avoid any offensive or desperate comments. Keep checking our website for more cool WhatsApp tips and tricks. We’ll see you in our next guide!

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