How to Change PS4 Controller Color

Personalize the appearance of your PS4 controller and make it uniquely yours!

One amusing and innovative method to customize your gaming setup is to be able to alter the color of your PS4 controller. The light bar on the PS4 Controller is an excellent addition that enhances the overall gaming experience of the users. However, at times, users wish to experiment with different colors to add a personalized touch. If you want to know how to change the PS4 controller color, this article is for you.

How to Change PS4 Controller Color

Can I Change PS4 Controller Light?

The answer is both yes and no. You cannot change the PS4 controller light with any unique settings. The only way around is shifting your player position from player 1 to 4 as per the color.

How to Change PS4 Controller Color

A unique controller color not only adds a special touch to your gaming experience but also helps you easily identify your controller in multiplayer games. You can customize it to match it to your gaming system, display your favorite colors, or simply refresh its appearance. Continue reading to find out how to give your controller a fresh update.

Below are the steps you can follow to change the player position to change the controller color on PS4:

1. Hold the PlayStation button on the controller.

PlayStation button

2. Go to the power option.

POWER on PS4 | change PS4 Controller Color

3. Now, select the Switch User option.

Now, depending on the color, switch the user. If you want to Red color, select a user and then switch to your user account.

Note: For green color, you will have to first log in as two other users and then your user account. For the pink color, you will have to log in to three user accounts and then your main user account by going to the power option and selecting the switch user option.

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What is the Meaning of PS4 Controller Light?

Situated on the front side of the PS4 controller, known as Dualshock 4, the light bar illuminates in blue upon activation, with its color serving as a key indicator. The light on the PS4 controller mostly shows the player’s position and in-game actions.

How Many Colors are there in PS4 Controller?

As per the information provided on the PlayStation website, the PS4 controller light color change has five options. The colors are White, Blue, Red, Green, and Pink. Below is what each color signifies:

  • White: If the light bar on the controller turns white, it indicates that the controller has lost the connection.
  • Blue: It means the player is Player 1 in the game. In some games, it might also mean that action scenes are going on in the game.
  • Red: Red light indicates the player playing the game is Player 2. In action games, it signifies that the player is receiving damage.
  • Green: Green light is the indicator that Player 3 is playing the game. In some cases, it shows the health status of the player.
  • Pink: The pink color signifies that you are Player number 4 in the current game.

What Happens When I Change PS4 Controller Light?

When you change the PS4 controller light, you can customize its appearance, often to match your personal preferences or gaming setup. However, the color-changing option only works for a few games. Most action games will change color based on the different situations in the game. These situations include being hit by the opposite team or winning a level.

We hope this guide helped you change the color of your PS4 controller. If you have any queries or suggestions, don’t hesitate to drop your comment below in the box.

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