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Why Does My Ps4 Controller Turn Red?

If your PS4 controller is flashing red light, do you know what it signifies? Let us explain the meaning behind this signal.

Red is the color of danger or a warning. Since PS4 is still new to most people, it is obvious for beginners to get anxious to see the PS4 red light. Therefore, you should know why does PS4 controller turn red. Keep on reading till the end to know what the red light means on PS4 and PS5 controllers.

Why Does My Ps4 Controller Turn Red?

Why Does My Ps4 Controller Turn Red?

PS4 and PS5 controllers have a light bar showcasing different lights to display their functional state. Although most of these are not concerning, you may still feel uneasy, specially with the intermediating red color. This article will help you with everything you need to know.

What does the PS4 Controller Colors Mean?

The colors on your PS4 controller represent the order in which each user presses the PS button. For instance:

  • Blue: First controller
  • Red: Second controller
  • Green: Third controller
  • Pink: Fourth controller

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What is the PS4 Red Line of Death?

The red line of death simply means that the console is dead. It will display text on the screen saying that A serious error has occurred in the system and the PS4 will restart. It usually happens when something is missing from the BIOS, like an important component or the system is hardened by itself.

What Happens If Your PS4 Controller Flashes Red?

If the controller is showing red light:

  • You are unable to connect it to the console.
  • You are unable to charge it or play games using the controller.
  • In the worst cases, you may need to replace the current controller with a new one.

Why does My PS4 Have a Red Light?

There can be various reasons why you are facing PS4 red light such as:

  • There is a hardware-related issue in the controller.
  • The controller has suffered internal damage.
  • Your console is getting overheated.
  • The USB port of the controller is faulty.
  • The charging cable that connects the charging port to the motherboard is faulty.

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Why is My PlayStation 5 Controller Red?

As mentioned, your PS5 controller can display different lights to resemble different situations.

  • The red light on your PS5 controller indicates that you are playing as Player 2 on a specific multiplayer game that you are playing with the second controller.
  • It can also display red lights only during a specific game to make your gaming experience more enticing.
  • Red lights in a PS5 controller can also display your low health bar in a game.

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We hope that you learned about why my Ps4 controller turned red. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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