How to Change Duolingo App Icon on Android

Duolingo app icons are a charming visual symbol of the brand and a way for users to customize the app’s outlook. These icons are from the traditional green owl to the special editions to commemorate milestones. Do you wish to add a touch of fun and keep the app’s interface new and interesting? If so, this guide will demonstrate how to change Duolingo app icons on Android.

How to Change Duolingo App Icon on Android

How to Change Duolingo App Icon on Android

Duo, the famous green owl is the symbol of Duolingo known worldwide. After some time, Duolingo has put a series of app icons on the market that users can unlock and use to change the look of their app on their devices. For example, symbols like the Super Duolingo icon, a premium version for the subscribers, and the Streak icon. Here are some methods by which you can change the Duolingo app icon.

Option 1: Through Super/Max Duolingo Dashboard

For this method, you need to subscribe to the Super Duolingo or Duolingo Max app versions. You can unlock the premium app images in these versions. Follow the steps below to replace the app icon.

  1. Open the Duolingo app on your Android.
  2. Tap on the Owl icon on the top right side.
  3. Now, tap Turn On under the Super App Icon.
  4. Finally, tap OK to confirm changes.

Activating new icons on Duolingo is based on your subscription plan. It can be accessed through a free trial for a while or through the family plan of Super Duolingo.

Tap OK

Option 2: Through the Streak Society in Duolingo

When you regularly use Duolingo and complete daily tasks, you create a streak. By doing so, you unlock the distinct app icons which is another convenient way to change the Duolingo icon within the app. For this

  1. Open the Duolingo app and tap the Streak icon on the top toolbar.
  2. Tap Enter Now to navigate to the Streak Society.
  3. Tap on the Change App Icon in the Rewards section.
  4. Choose the icon and tap OK.

To activate the fire icon, you must maintain at least a 50-day streak. Then only, you can enter into the Streak Society and unlock the streak icon for Duolingo.

Choose an app icon | How to Change Duolingo App Icon on Android

Option 3: Using Third-party Apps

This method is mainly for the basic Duolingo app users who want to change the app’s look for fun. Several third-party apps are available on the Google Play Store allowing you to do so. To implement this method

  1. Download and install the X Icon Changer app from the Play Store.
  2. Launch the app on your Android and select Duolingo from the apps.
  3. Now, choose any image from the default or photo gallery.
  4. Select the shape, color, and effects of the icon.
  5. Tap on OK and then Add the app to the home screen.

Click OK and then Add

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Each icon is the soul of the Duolingo brand which is also a reflection of Duolingo’s dedication to making learning a fun and friendly activity.

We hope our guide helps you change the Duolingo app icon on Android easily. Feel free to leave your questions and advice in the comments section. Stay in touch with Techcult for more interesting and insightful how-to guides. Happy learning with Duolingo!

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