How to Cast Zoom to TV from Android: Zoom into the Big Screen

Why settle for squishing everyone into a little canvas phone screen when you can bring the party to your TV?

Zoom has become the go-to platform for virtual meetings, video conferences, interactive sessions, and casual hangouts in the past few years. However, sometimes the small screen of your phone might just not be enough, especially in cases of official presentations or watch-together movie nights. Let’s shift the laughter to a larger canvas as this article will guide you on how to cast Zoom to TV from your Android device. Read more to find out!

How to Cast Zoom to TV from Android

How to Cast Zoom to TV from Android

You can effortlessly cast your Zoom meeting on any compatible TV. This lets you experience the content on a larger display that improves presentation video and audio while attending a conference, your training sessions, and so on. 

Note: Smartphones don’t have the same Settings options, and they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Hence, ensure the correct settings before changing any on your device. These steps were performed on Samsung S20 FE 5G, as shown in the illustrations below.

Method 1: Use In-built Screencast

You can use the in-built screencast feature available on Android devices.

Note: Make sure the TV and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

1. Slide down the notification panel on your phone and tap the Smart View button.

Slide down the notification panel on your phone and tap the Smart View button.

2. Wait until the app scans for available devices.

3. Once you find the TV you want to cast on, pair both devices.

4. Now join the Zoom meeting and rotate your phone to view it in landscape format.

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Method 2: Use Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a compact streaming device that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and lets you stream content from your phone, tablet, or computer directly to the TV screen. You can also mirror your Android smartphone to the Chromecast connected to your TV. 

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And that’s all! We hope our guide was helpful for you to cast Zoom from an Android device to the TV. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments box below. For more such tips and tricks, stay connected to TechCult.

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