How to Bypass Qustodio on Android

Navigate around Qustodio restrictions and gain access to desired content.

To prevent and protect children from accessing inappropriate content on social media apps, parents often resort to parental control apps like Qustodio. But as a teen who no longer wants to be controlled, you might wonder how can you bypass Qustodio on Android with easy steps. Luckily, this article is here to help you with the same, so let us begin.

How to Bypass Qustodio on Android

How to Bypass Qustodio on Android

Sometimes, parents and their love for children can become overprotective. Rather than talking it out with their loved ones, many parents make use of apps like Qustodio. But, if you want to get free from such unwanted surveillance, this article can save the day.

Can You Bypass Qustodio on Android?

Yes, it is possible to bypass Qustodio on your Android device. However, if you try to uninstall it, then that won’t work well as your parents can simply install it again on your device. So, you have to use other effective measures mentioned in this blog.

Let’s now find out some methods that will help you to bypass the Qustodio app on Android.

Method 1: Remove Profile on Qustodio App

If you have access to your parents’ device, you can simply remove your profile on the app.

1. Open the Qustodio Parental Control app and navigate to the web Family Portal

2. Click on My Family, then select the profile that you want to remove.

3. Click the Edit button at the top corner.

4. Click the trash can icon located in the top right corner of the screen.

Click the trash icon

5. Confirm the action by clicking OK.

Click on OK

Your profile is now deleted successfully.

Method 2: Use VPN

Another effective method to learn how to bypass Qustodio on Android is to use a VPN. It will not only mask your real identity but also make it safer to use the internet. Moreover, there are tons of free and paid VPNs available such as:

  • Proton VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • Turbo VPN
  • Secure VPN
  • Thunder VPN

Proton VPN

Simply download the app and choose the server to connect and that’s it.

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Method 3: Use Different Browser

To your surprise, Qustodio only works with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Android Stock browsers. Therefore, if you use a different browser on your device, the app will not report any web activity. However, this method will only work if you block unsupported browsers. Here are some browsers you can use to bypass Qustodio on Android:

  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Go
  • Bing


Method 4: Use Guest Mode

Using the guest mode is one of the best ways to not only bypassing the Qustodio app on Android but also other parental control apps too. However, if your parents have disabled the Guest profile on Qustodio, it won’t work. Nonetheless, you can still try your luck by following these steps:

1. Open device Settings and go to System.

 Go to System | how to bypass qustodio on android

2. Tap on the Multiple users option.

Tap on the Multiple users option.

3. Select Add guest.

 Select Add guest | how to bypass qustodio on android

4. Select Switch to Guest.

Select Switch to Guest | how to bypass qustodio on android

It will switch the main profile to the guest profile, and you can bypass the Qustodio app.

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Method 5: Factory Reset Device

This is the last resort to bypass Qustodio on Android and you should not use it before trying other methods. Using the factory reset option will not only delete Qustodio, but all the data from your device. So, we will recommend you back up important files into an SD card, or on your computer. For this, you can read our article on How to Hard Reset Any Android Device and find detailed steps.

Perform Factory Reset

By reading this article, you now know different methods to bypass Qustodio on Android. Although this can be mind-boggling, it is not entirely impossible. So, go ahead and find out which method worked out for you.

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