How to Remove Qustodio Without Password from Android

Escape continuous tracking by uninstalling this parental control app.

If you have Qustodio installed on your mobile phone but forgot the password and want to uninstall it, it can be a serious issue, especially considering the data it tracks. To address your concerns, we have written a detailed article on how to remove Qustodio from Android without a password.

How to Remove Qustodio Without Password Android

How to Remove Qustodio Without Password from Android

Disabling Qustodio without parents knowing can be challenging since the program is designed to be difficult to bypass. However, there are a few methods available that can help you disable the program without your parents finding out. Keep reading to find out how!

Quick Answer

To remove Qustodio without a password from Android, use Android Debug Bridge, which is a command-line bridge to communicate with your device.

Can I Uninstall Qustodio on Android Without a Password?

Yes, it is possible to uninstall Qustodio on Android without a password.

Note: Only the person who has access to the official email ID can use the 2nd and 4th methods. So, if you don’t have access, in that case, use the other two methods mentioned below.

Method 1: Remove App With ADB

Remove App with ADB is a good way to force uninstall any application. However, this requires you to have access to a computer. So, if you don’t have a computer system, then follow the other methods mentioned below. Read this article for more detail on How to use ADB Uninstall App.

Remove App With ADB

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Method 2: Use Forget Password

Using forget password option can also be a great choice to remove Qustodio from Android. Here are the steps you can follow:

1. Open the Parent app or open the login page of Qustodio.

2. Select Forget your password?

Select the Forget your password | how to remove qustodio without password android

3. Enter the same email address using which you created the account.

4. Enter the Captcha and then click on Recover password.

Enter the Captcha and then click on Recover Password.

5. You will receive a mail to reset your password.

Choose a new password and enter the password in the two fields. This is one of the best official methods that you can use to get back the password.

Method 3: Remove Qustodio Protection

Follow the steps below to uninstall Qustodio from your Android phone:

1. Open Qustodio and enter the logging credential to log in.

2. Tap Disable protection.

Tap Disable protection | how to remove qustodio without password android

3. Select Remove Qustodio.

Note: There will be a pop-up that will ask you to confirm your action.

Select Remove Qustodio.

4. Select Remove.

Select Remove.

5. Tap on the App icon and then uninstall it from the device.

Note: You can be certain that the device is no longer listed on the Qustodio list by logging in to the Parent App or going to the official site.

6. Open the official site and tap on the menu to select Devices.

Now make sure the device, from where you have uninstalled the app, is not listed. In case it is, then remove it from the dashboard.

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Method 4: Factory Reset

This is an extreme method, and we won’t recommend you use it unless the other two methods aren’t working. Factory resetting will wipe out all the data in your phone, so you should save them on an external hard drive, or your computer. And so, it will help you uninstall Qustodio from your Android phone. To know how to perform this method, you can read this article on How to hard reset Android Device.

Factory Restart | how to remove qustodio without password android

Method 5: Contact Support

If the above-mentioned methods are not working, in that case, you can ask the support team of Qustodio to help.

  • Contact customer care by tagging the official Twitter account in a post, there you can explain your issue.
  • There is an option to contact the team via the official Qustodio support page, but you need a premium account, and have to log into the account to raise a ticket, which in this case is not possible. However, you can ask the team to guide you by sending an email.


Q1. What happens if you delete Qustodio App?

Ans: If you delete your Qustodio app, then it is not possible to track your family members’ activity. You also won’t get any future notifications.

Q2. Can Qustodio monitor Snapchat?

Ans: Yes. It is possible to monitor Snapchat with the help of Qustodio on both Android and iOS devices.

Q3. Does Qustodio block Discord?

Ans: Yes. It will block Discord, where children might face some inappropriate content.

Q4. Why does my child offline on Qustodio?

Ans: There can be many reasons that will show the child offline in the app. Some of the main reasons are, the device is not using the internet, the device is not using the same network as the parent is using or the device is operating in airplane mode.

Q5. Why has Qustodio stopped working?

Ans: There can be many reasons why this is happening. For example, the software is installed incorrectly, the device it is installed on has an outdated operating system, and necessary permissions are not given to the app.

We hope after reading this article your query on how to remove Qustodio without password Android is resolved. If you still got any questions, don’t forget to ask them in the comment section. 

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