How to Bypass LinkedIn Connection Limit

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professionals to connect, network, and build their personal brand. One of the key features of this platform is the ability to connect with other users and expand your professional network. However, it imposes a limit on the number of connections that each user can have, which has generated controversy among users. Read this article till the end to learn the hack to bypass the LinkedIn connection limit.

How to Bypass LinkedIn Connection Limit

How to Bypass LinkedIn Connection Limit

Bypassing LinkedIn connection limits goes against LinkedIn’s terms of service or that are considered unethical or inappropriate. Here, we have shown general tips to help you effectively connect with people while staying within the platform’s limits.

Method 1: Engage with Content

Engaging with content on LinkedIn, such as liking, commenting, and sharing posts, can help users build relationships with other users and expand their network.

Method 2: Become LinkedIn Open Networker

LinkedIn Open Networkers or LIONs are LinkedIn users who are open to connecting with anyone, regardless of whether they know them or not. By becoming a LION, users can quickly expand their network beyond the 30,000 connection limit.

Method 3: Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are communities of users who share similar interests or belong to the same industry. Joining relevant LinkedIn groups can help users connect with other like-minded individuals and expand their network. This is one of the best methods on how to bypass the LinkedIn connection limit.

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Method 4: Use Email Outreach

To gain insights into which channels work best for specific leads or groups of leads, you can combine Email Outreach with LinkedIn Outreach. This information can be valuable for your future sales and marketing strategies. If you have reached the LinkedIn connection limit for the week, you can ask someone to send a LinkedIn connection request to you by including a link to your profile in your email.

Skylead offers two native features, Find & verify business emails via LinkedIn and Find & verify business emails by your source to ensure that your emails reach their intended recipients. The most important aspect of these features is the verification process, which helps protect your domain from being blacklisted.

Skylead. How to Bypass LinkedIn Connection Limit

Method 5: Attend LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn often hosts events for professionals, such as networking events and conferences. Attending these events and connecting with other attendees can be a great way to expand your network beyond the 30,000 connection limit.

Method 6: Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium tool that is designed for sales professionals. It includes features that can help users identify and connect with potential customers, partners, and other professionals, allowing users to expand their network beyond the connection limit.

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Method 7: Contact LinkedIn Support

Now, if you do not wish to follow the above methods and they don’t seem to suit your ideas and strategies, then you can always contact LinkedIn’s support and request more LinkedIn connection requests as per your needs. If you are a premium LinkedIn user, then the response rate might be a little quicker than the free user. Typically the waiting period might range from 2-4 days for a response from the support team. But, your request will be attended to without fail. Note that you can only request again after 30 days from your previous request date.

Which Day Does LinkedIn Weekly Limit Reset?

The weekly limit for LinkedIn connection requests and other actions resets every Sunday at midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST). This means that if you have reached your weekly limit of connection requests, you will have to wait until the following Sunday at midnight PST for your limit to reset and for you to be able to send connection requests again.

It is important to keep track of your connection requests and other actions on LinkedIn to ensure that you do not exceed the weekly limit and risk having your account restricted or suspended.

How to Get More Than 30,000 Connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s current limit for the number of connections that a user can have is set at 30,000. 

Here are some strategies that users can employ to get more than 30k connections:

  • Engagement with content on LinkedIn
  • Become a LinkedIn Open networker
  • Join LinkedIn groups
  • Attend LinkedIn events
  • Use LinkedIn sales navigator

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We hope that this guide was helpful and that you were able to learn about the methods on how to bypass LinkedIn connection limit. Let us know which method worked for you best. If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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