How to Avoid Getting Doxxed on Twitter

Getting Doxxed on the internet is not something new and has been happening for decades. As much as posting private information online is common, it is as common to get that information hacked and get used for illegal purposes. Doxxing someone can be out of anger or revenge, no matter what the purpose is, no one wishes to get Doxxed. Just like other social media sites, people have gotten Doxxed on Twitter as well. If you are someone seeking more information about this topic then you have come to the right place. In our today’s guide, we will be exploring different ways in which you can know about how to avoid getting Doxxed on Twitter app. Along with that, we will also answer the most asked question which is can you get Doxxed on Twitter for real? Read ahead to learn several ways in which you can prevent your identity and personal information from getting leaked.

How to Avoid Getting Doxxed on Twitter

How to Avoid Getting Doxxed on Twitter

While Doxxing can occur regardless of the privacy you maintain, it can still be controlled using some measures. The best thing you can do is to take care of the content that you post on Twitter, apart from it you can follow the measures provided below to avoid getting Doxxed on Twitter:

1. Tweak Privacy Settings

  • One way to prevent being vulnerable on the internet is by changing your privacy settings on social media sites.You can start by making your Twitter and other social media accounts private.
  • You should avoid sharing your personal information on Twitter including phone numbers, emails, photos, home addresses, and more.
  • If you already have this information on your Twitter or other social media account then remove your address, place of work, and location from these specific sites.
  • While posting something on your account, make sure the post is set to friends-only setting to avoid discussing your personal information.

2. Secure Your Mobile and Computer

How to Avoid Getting Doxxed on Twitter

  • To know how to avoid getting Doxxed on Twitter app, you must be aware that the device you are using, a computer or laptop, can also give away your personal information. Therefore, you must keep the system that you are using up to date.
  • You can also use an antivirus program to avoid malware, virus, and phishing attack. Moreover, make sure that your security system checks for available updates and installs them automatically.
  • You should also scan your device regularly for possible threats and malicious activity.

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3. Use VPN Service

A virtual private network also known as a VPN helps in protecting your IP address and personal address from hackers. VPN acts by taking the user’s internet traffic, encrypting it, and then sending it through one of the servers before heading out to the public network.

Thus, you can sign up on Twitter and other social websites with a VPN as this helps in ensuring that your true location or information is not shared.

4. Don’t Overshare

How to Avoid Getting Doxxed on Twitter

To not overshare is one of the most obvious and helpful solution to avoid getting Doxxed by hackers. Doxxers can easily get their life details from social media, message boards, and online forums. So, it is important to limit the amount of information you share online, especially on sites like Twitter.

You can also avoid oversharing by being private on different online platforms.

5. Create Different Usernames

  • Another way to know how to avoid getting Doxxed on Twitter is by using different usernames for different social media platforms. It is possible that a single person holds different accounts on separate social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and others. In this case, to avoid getting Doxxed you can try using a separate username for each account. This will make it difficult for Doxxers to track you on the internet.
  • Try using anonymous and unique usernames that are difficult to trace.
  • Also, avoid using your real first name and last name on any social media site.

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6. Protect Internet Communications

  • Whether it’s daily messages or email conversations, everything can be easily tracked by hackers on the internet.
  • Also, hackers can easily read encrypted data through your internet connection.
  • Doxxers can also trace your location via IP address.
  • Therefore, you can opt to protect your internet communications by using encryption tools that will keep your communications on the internet private and anonymous.

7. Beware of Phishing Emails

Phishing is a common strategy that is used by Doxxers around the world. Phishing helps hackers in stealing information about an individual including login credentials, credit card details, and home address. This is done by sending a person an email with a link which leads to retrieving all of your data viz your personal information.

8. Use Multiple Email Addresses

You can save yourself from Doxxing and also get to know how to avoid getting Doxxed on Twitter by using multiple email addresses.

  • You can use separate email addresses for different social media accounts like one for Twitter and another for Facebook.
  • You can also have a separate email account for your professional use that will help you to communicate with your co-workers safely. While maintaining another one for personal use.

This will lower your chances of getting exploited with an email address that you use on every social media site & contains plenty of personal information.

9. Create Strong Passwords

Your chance of getting Doxxed becomes lower if you use strong passwords for your social media accounts. You can use a strong password to tighten your security and save your account from getting hacked by Doxxers for different purposes including credit card portals, online bank accounts, and work dashboards. Additionally, it will prevent you from getting your personal information changed or compromised on Twitter.

Note: A strong password for a social media site must include symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters, and punctuation marks, if needed.

  • Along with it, you must also change your passwords regularly.
  • You can also make use of Random Password Generators to create & use safer passwords.

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10. Audit Social Media Posts

  • If you have already posted personal information via posts on Twitter in the past then you must audit that information. You can go through your social media handle and delete posts that contain too much information about your personal life.
  • You can also review & delete comments which share your details accidentally.

11. Ask Google to Remove Information

Google Online Form | How to avoid getting Doxxed on Twitter

The data on Google can be used by hackers to get hands-on basic details about your life, so you can get it removed. So, how to avoid getting Doxxed on Twitter? By asking Google itself to remove your personal information from the internet. Google search results might show your personal life details on search, so you can send a request to get it removed. It is an easy process and can be completed through an online form.

12. Avoid Online Quizzes & Surveys

How to Avoid Getting Doxxed on Twitter

There are a number of online quizzes that go around on the internet. People usually fill out these quizzes unknowingly just to have fun. However, the same quizzes are meant to grab your personal information. These quizzes often contain answers to common security questions that give attackers more data to work with. Providing your name and email address in these quizzes can put you more at risk at the hands of hackers. In order to avoid getting doxxed on Twitter, do not participate in online quizzes.

Can you Get Doxxed on Twitter?

Yes, a person can get Doxxed on Twitter app. Information (username and contents of your Tweet) posted on Twitter can be used by hackers to Google it and learn more details about you. This information includes your address, the city you live in, and other details about your identity. This data can be dumped publicly on the internet by hackers.


We hope that our guide on how to avoid getting Doxxed on Twitter was helpful and informative enough to let you know about different ways in which you can protect your privacy on Twitter. Let us know your opinions about the doc and if you have any queries or suggestions, leave them with us in the comments section below.

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