How to Avoid Copyright on Instagram: Music and Images Copyright Rules

Secure your content and adhere to Instagram rules with these helpful tips!

Instagram has strict rules on the use of copyrighted material to protect the intellectual property rights of the original creator. Unfortunately, many users unintentionally find themselves in violation of these laws. To prevent such serious consequences, it is important to understand how to avoid copyright on Instagram reels and pictures.

How to Avoid Copyright on Instagram

How to Avoid Copyright on Instagram

In the vast Instagram creator community, safeguarding your work through copyright is crucial to prevent infringements. Instagram policies and regulations are regularly updated in this regard. Nonetheless, users should also pay close attention to specific essential factors before sharing their content. 

Also, fair use is a legal principle that allows us to use a copyrighted work without obtaining permission from the original creator. It serves several purposes such as teaching, news reporting, scholarship, criticism, research, or satire. However, it is important to use this legal protection responsibly and avoid any misuse.

To avoid copyright on Instagram posts, stories, and reels follow these tips:

1. Prioritize Originality: Create content that is 100% original to avoid copyright issues. Focus on generating your own unique ideas on your photos or videos that reflect your creativity and then share it on your posts and stories.

Prioritize Originality

2. Give Credit to the Original Creator: Whenever you are posting someone else’s content or music in your reel make sure to mention them in your post before reposting the content on your story or IG feed. This shows respect for their work and avoids copyright infringement.

Give Credit to the Original Creator | how to avoid copyright on instagram

3. Edit the Reel Video: When uploading someone else’s reel video don’t just simply post the video as it is. Add some uniqueness and make changes such as applying different filters, background music, effects, and more to add your personal touch to avoid reel copyright on Instagram.

Edit the Reel Video

4. Use Royalty-Free Music: Royalty-free music is the safest way to add music without worrying about copyright issues. This music is free to use and available for everyone on platforms like YouTube. However, you still need to give credit to the creator.

Use Royalty-Free Music

5. Keep the Video Short: One way to ensure your video doesn’t get restricted due to copyright issues is by keeping the video as short as possible. Posting full-length music is more likely to be restricted. Additionally, make sure to give credit to the original creator.

Keep the Video Short | how to avoid copyright on instagram

6. Use Stock Images and Videos: Stock Images and videos are available free on websites like Unsplash and Pexels. You can use these images freely in your content and avoid any picture copyright issues on Instagram. Just remember to give credit to the original creator.

Use Stock Images and Videos

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5 Ways to Avoid Image Copyright Infringement

Here are some ways to avoid image copyright Infringement on Instagram:

1. Create your Own Image: One of the effective ways to avoid copyright is only to post content that is created by yourself unless you have obtained all the necessary permissions from the content owner.

Create your Own Image

2. Take Permission: If you can’t create your own content or don’t have enough time to create an image you can seek permission from the content owner. While getting permission make sure to always ask for written documents outlining specifics such as where to use it, how to use it, and for how long it will be used. It will serve as a license in order to avoid any potential legal issues and reel or another type of copyright issue in Instagram. 

Take Permission

3. Use Images from Public Domain for free: You can take images from public domain websites like Public Domain Vectors, Wikimedia Commons, Deposit Photos, Pixabay, Unsplash, Foodies Feed, and Old Book Illustration that offer free images and avoid copyright on Instagram pictures. They don’t require any attribution.

Deposit Photos

However, it is important to note that while it is freely used there are still some images that require attribution. For assurance click on the images you wish to use and when it pops up, go through the exit data next to the image to find out what to do and what not.

4. Purchase Images: Some content owners demand dollars instead of accepting only credit. In such cases, it’s better to purchase Images from reputable image-selling websites like Adobe Fotolia, Bigstock, Shutterstock, iStock, Stockphotos, and more to avoid copyright infringement on Instagram. However, it is important to avoid using images on these websites as they employ some software to track copyright infringement.

Shutterstock webpage

5. Modify the Image: If you don’t want to waste money in buying images there is a better way to avoid copyright Infringement by recreating that image. This can be done by graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator. You can transform the raster image to vector format.

Adobe Illustrator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do Instagram photos have a copyright?

Ans. Yes, just like any other creative content, Instagram photos are also subject to copyright laws.

Q2. Can you use Instagram images without permission?

Ans. No, you cannot use Instagram images without permission. This is because each user owns the intellectual property rights to their own content. Therefore, before using other users’ images it is essential to seek permission from the original creator and avoid copyright infringement on Instagram.

Q3. What are Instagram’s music copyright rules?

Ans. While there are no specific limits on using music in stories, it is important to be aware of music copyright rules on Instagram to avoid infringement.

  • Keep it short: Using full-length recorder tracks in your video is more likely to be blocked or muted. To prevent this, it is advisable to keep the clips of music shorter.
  • Include Visuals: Another Instagram music copyright rule is to include visuals. When you simply share the music with a blank screen it increases the likelihood of your video being removed or muted. To avoid this, make sure to include visual components along with the music.
  • Use Facebook Sound: The Facebook sound collection is a library of free copyrighted sound and music provided by Instagram, which is one of the safest options to avoid copyright claims.
  • Live Music: Posting live music performances is allowed and will not be blocked or muted.

We hope this article was helpful for you and you can now avoid copyright on Instagram. If you still have any queries or suggestions for us, then you must drop them in the comments section below. Keep visiting our page for more interesting and cool articles.

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