How to Add Waifu Bot on Discord

Spice up your Discord experience with an anime-inspired bot.

You may always be on the lookout for new ways to encourage a sense of fun and camaraderie in your Discord community. Hence, adding Waifu Bot to your server can do just that. Its anime-themed features, trivia games, and customization options offer a unique experience for anime enthusiasts on this platform. Let’s find out how to invite and add Waifu Bot on Discord to create an entertaining and vibrant environment for your members.

How to Add Waifu Bot on Discord

How to Add Waifu Bot on Discord

A Waifu bot is a bot specifically designed for anime enthusiasts. It offers a range of entertaining features, such as fun mini-games and the ability to collect anime characters known as waifus. With this bot, you can claim your favorite anime waifus. Additionally, the Waifu bot on Discord provides an engaging platform for anime fans to interact with their beloved characters.

To add the Waifu bot to Discord, follow the steps below:

1. Open your PC browser and visit the Disforge Waifu Discord Bot website.

2. Click on the Add this bot option.

Note: Log into your Discord account with your login credentials, if not already.

tap on Add this bot

4. Select the desired server from your account.

5. Once you select the server, click on the Continue option.

Select the desired server from your account - click on the Continue option

6. Next, review the permission and click on the Authorize option.

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How Do I Invite a Waifu Bot?

You can follow the steps mentioned above to invite or add the Waifu bot to the Discord server of your choice.

How to Use Waifu Bot on Discord?

Follow these steps to use the Waifu bot on Discord:

1. Open the Discord app on your PC and open the server to which you added the Waifu bot.

2. You can type and send the following commands in the server text box to execute different activities from the Waifu bot, as shown below.

  • Action: You can use these commands to poke your friends or give them a high-five: w/cuddle; w/feed; w/bite; w/tickle; w/wasted; w/slap.
  • Image Generation: These commands can be used for simple image generation: w/baguette; w/blur; w/blurple; w/be; w/invert.
  • Text Generation: These commands can be used for text generation to create colorful text and funny memes: w/captcha; w/change; w/Clyde; w/drake; w/Trump.
  • Image: When you want any images for awesome wallpaper (fix girls, cat girls), you can use these commands: w/wallpaper; w/fox; w/blush; w/baka.
  • Meme: This category contains commands for funny memes and an image generator for shitposters: w/bongocat;  w/communism; w/dab; w/deep fry; w/delete.

slap command given to Waifu bot

Is Waifu Only for Girls?

No, Waifu is not exclusive to girls; it can be used by any gender. However, the term typically refers to a female character from anime or manga. Conversely, the term “husbando” is used to describe a male character.

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How Do You Use Waifu Generator on Discord?

You need to add a Waifu bot to your server to use the Waifu generator on Discord. After adding it, you can generate waifus by sending prompts to the bot.

Read and follow the methods mentioned above in this article to use this anime-themed bot or generator on your Discord server.

Note: Some Waifu bots may have NSFW image prompts. Therefore, it is important to read the guidelines and check the bot’s settings before using it.

Waifu Bot Command List

The following is the list of commands for Waifu Bot on Discord

Commands Action
/wgplay Instruction to Start playing WaifuGame (for players)
/wgsetup Starts a new WaifuGame instance in the current channel. Can also be used to move the WaifuGame instance between channels within a server.
/wgdrop will immediately spawn encounters in a WaifuGame Channel
/wgdaily gives you bonyus Essence and Gamer Gold every day
/wgvote Show the link to vote & trigger an UpDrop (get more Cards by upvoting)
/wgprofile will show your party with the levels of your Animus.
/wgprofile <@someone> will show the party of someone else
/wgc Show off a Card you like in the channel by Card Number
/wgoutcomes Display your 10 most recent Encounter Interactions and their outcomes
/wgevent Command that’s only available during Events and the usage for it changes
/wginvite Show the link to invite WaifuGame to another Discord Server
/wgsupport Show the link to the WaifuGame Community Server where you can get help
/wghelp Shows instructions for new players/channel owners
/wgtroubleshoot Helps Discord Server Owners track down why WaifuGame isn’t working correctly

Through this guide, we have explained how to add Waifu Bot on Discord to bring a whole new level of anime-themed entertainment and interactive features to your server. Drop your queries or topic suggestions for future articles in the comments section below.

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