How to Add a Roblox Gift Card

Gain access to exciting in-game rewards and perks with a gift card!

If you want to take your Roblox gaming experience to the next level, a gift card offered by this platform is the perfect solution! With this, you can easily add credit to your account that can be spent on Robux or premium subscriptions. If you have received a gift card from someone, it’s time to redeem it and start enjoying all its benefits. In this article, we will explore the process of adding one to an account.

How to Add a Roblox Gift Card

How to Add a Roblox Gift Card

Unfortunately, you cannot add gift cards directly from the Roblox app. However, you can easily do so by logging in through a mobile web browser. Simply follow the steps outlined below to redeem your gift cards and enjoy the benefits they offer.

Method 1: Add Roblox Gift Card on Mobile Browser

These steps are for adding a gift card to your account from your mobile browser:

1. Go to your mobile browser and in your address bar enter

2. Log in to your account.

Note: This will open your account home page.

3. Scroll down all the way and tap on the Gift Cards option located in the left corner.

Tap on Gift Cards

Note: This will open the Roblox gift cards page.

4. Tap on the Redeem Card button located at the top right corner.

tap on Redeem Card

5. Tap on the Code box and enter your code.

Note: You can find your gift card code on the back of the card.

6. Lastly, tap on the Redeem option.

Once you have successfully redeemed your card you will receive a success message.

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Method 2: Add Roblox Gift Card on PC

To add a gift card on your PC, follow this step-by-step process:

1. Open your web browser on your PC and navigate to the Roblox website.

2. Log into your account and scroll down all the way to click on the Gift Cards option located at the bottom.

click on Gift Cards

3. From the top right corner, click on the Redeem Card option.

4. In the Enter your gift card field, enter your Roblox gift card code.

5. Click on the Redeem button.

click on Reedem

That’s it now you are done! Roblox gift cards are prepaid cards that are available at a number of stores, including your local retailer and an Internet marketplace. It is a great way to add credit to your Roblox account to unlock several benefits.

We hope this article was helpful for you and you have learned how to add a Roblox gift card. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, then you must drop them in the comments section given below. Keep visiting our page for more cool tips and tricks.

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