How to Redeem Facebook Game Card

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Facebook Game Cards are a fancy and popular way of purchasing in-game currency or items. Have you purchased a card, but are unsure about the process of redeeming it on your favorite game? If so, this article will help you learn how to redeem Facebook Game Card directly from your PC or smartphone.

How to redeem Facebook game card

How to Redeem Facebook Game Card

Social media platforms such as Facebook have made it even more fun for users by adding instant games. If you want to buy in-game items and play more games, Facebook offers game cards. To learn how to get these helpful cards, continue reading our guide.

Quick Answer

To redeem your Facebook Game Card, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Facebook Game Card page and click on Redeem Now.

2. Then, enter your game card code and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. 

What is a Facebook Game Card?

Facebook Game Cards are redeemable cards used to purchase various items within games. You can make your own in-app redemption flow of a Game card, other than redeeming it. This allows you to redeem the full value of the card into the in-app currency of a game. In other words, the Game Card can be used as a new payment option for all your in-app purchase requirements.

Presently, Game Cards are available in over 20 countries worldwide. According to the data given by Facebook Developers, they are widely available in approximately 130,000 retail locations all over the world. These work on thousands of games on Facebook.

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Can You Redeem Facebook Game Card?

Yes, you can redeem a Game Card to purchase in-game currency and other goods. These cards can be obtained either by purchasing them from an offline retail store, or by ordering online. Once purchased, there is no option to return it for a refund. There are several payment options to buy the Game Cards – PayPal, wire transfers, credit cards, and so on. 

Redeeming a Game Card is a piece of cake through the Facebook Game Cards page. Follow the steps given below to redeem your card in no time.

1. Open the Facebook Game Cards page on your browser and make sure you are logged into your Facebook account.

2. Click on Redeem Code.

Click on Redeem Code.

3. Then, enter the code written on the back of your Game Card.

4. Click on Redeem or Redeem with TDS Gift Cards.

Click on Redeem or Redeem with TDS Gift Cards.

5. Choose the currency of your choice.

6. Finally, click Continue.

Note: The Game Card can also be redeemed in-app, which reduces the hassle of visiting the redemption page. If the game has Redeem Card feature, you can redeem the game card directly from within the game.

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To redeem the card in-app, follow the steps as given below.

1. Open the game and visit the shop window.

2. Click on the Redeem Game Card or Redeem Gift Card option.

3. Enter the code written on your card in the text field provided.

4. Select the in-app currency and click on Redeem Now.

Great! Now the value of your game card will be added to the in-app currency of the game. You can use this to purchase in-game items or speed up your level-up progress.

We hope that this article has helped you redeem Facebook Game Card. The steps involved are quite simple. Further, the card can be redeemed either through Facebook’s redemption page, or through the game itself. Keep visiting our site for more cool tips and tricks.

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