How to Access and Use SantaGPT on ChatGPT

Engage with this chatbot for festive fun, gift ideas, and holiday cheer!

This holiday season, AI is all set to sprinkle a bit of festive magic into your chats. Wondering how? Well, you’re in for a treat because OpenAI’s SantaGPT is here to make our Christmas merrier. Read on to learn how to unwrap and access the SantaGPT on ChatGPT as well as a few prompts to act as ice-breakers.

How to access and use SantaGPT on ChatGPT

What is Santa GPT? How to Access and Use via ChatGPT

The holiday season is just around the corner and OpenAI has unwrapped its Christmas surprise a little early for ChatGPT users. To celebrate the hype of Christmas, In celebration of Christmas, OpenAI announced the launch of SantaGPT, a specialized chatbot within ChatGPT designed to interact with Santa Claus.

What are its Unique Features?

SantaGPT is a chatbot that might turn all of your childhood Christmas fantasies into reality by:

  • Creating and sending unique Christmas wishes
  • Learning more about Christmas
  • Asking for gift options, holiday planning, and party themes

How to Access SantaGPT on ChatGPT

The good news is that users who have existing ChatGPT Plus subscriptions can take advantage of this new feature. Follow these simple steps to access SantaGPT:

1. Navigate to ChatGPT’s official website and sign in to your account.

2. Now, visit the OpenAI’s page for SantaGPT.

santaGPT page

3. Log in again if prompted.

4. After logging in, the SantaGPT will greet you on your screen.

With these simple steps, you can interact with the cheerful SantaGPT to seek answers to your festive inquiries.

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What are the Quick Prompts to Use with SantaGPT?

OpenAI has also shared commands and prompts to make your SantaGPT experience more delightful. Some of the quick prompts to use with SantaGPT are:

1. Come up with a quick Christmas story.

2. How many days until Christmas?

3. How can I make my Thanksgiving dinner interesting?

4. Suggest DIY gift ideas for Christmas

5. How are the reindeer doing?

Can I use SantaGPT for Free?

No, you cannot use SantaGPT for Free. Only users with existing ChatGPT-Plus can access this feature. Moreover, OpenAI has temporarily paused new subscriptions. The membership costs $20 per month. If you wish to join the waiting list for the Plus subscription, follow the below steps:

1. Click on Upgrade in the left pane.

click on upgrade

2. Click on Sign up for waitlist.

click on sign up for waitlist

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The launch of SantaGPT is a very creative way to integrate artificial intelligence into our daily lives. We hope that you have learned SantaGPT features and how to access it on ChatGPT Let us know your thoughts and stay connected to Techcult.

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