How Much is 1000 TikTok Coins

TikTok is basically a video-sharing platform. A lot of content creators use this as an outlet to illustrate their talents, such as comedy, singing, dancing, and other skills. However, one can not only share their talents on TikTok but, can also receive gifts from their viewers or supporters. This is where the coins come into play. Keep reading to find out what are TikTok coins, how much is 1000 TikTok coins, how much is 500 or 30000 coins on TikTok and more.

How Much is 1000 TikTok Coins

How Much is 1000 TikTok Coins

The value of one TikTok coin is 1.3 cents, and the value of 1000 coins is $15.48. This is, however, subject to change. These coins are donated by their fans only when the influencers have a thousand or more followers on the platform.

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How Much is 500 Coins on TikTok

500 coins on TikTok is about $7.74. This is represented by the Concert emoji. Every coin is represented by an emoji and a particular title attached to it. This in turn makes it look more simple, fun, and easy to use. 

How Much is 20000 Coins on TikTok

As currently, 100 coins cost $1.29, and 20,000 TikTok coins will cost you about $268.98. This system is constantly changing so the cost might not be the same tomorrow or a week later. 

How Much is 30000 Coins on TikTok?

This is exactly where one of the most expensive coins is titled The Lion GIF. It is a lion that displays itself as one walking up to the screen and roaring at its audience as well as the creator and this very GIF is worth 29,999 coins that value up to $400. One must have to have a crazy fanbase to receive a hefty gift like that of The Lion.

How Much is 35000 Coins on TikTok?

It is more expensive than The Lion GIF and which is known as the TikTok Live that flies toward the screen. To buy a coin like that you would have to spend a little over $500. Since these coins are on the most expensive side, not always are sent as gifts to the influencers. It definitely could be an interesting way of spoiling your favorite content creator but it is for sure cannot be done regularly due to its sheer price tag.

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How Much is 1 Diamond in TikTok?

Since we have learned how much are the coins worth, let us proceed to diamonds. Each diamond in the TikTok app is worth 5 cents. If you have 100 diamonds, you can cash up for $50. It can be a great opportunity to cash up a little bit however, TikTok claims 50% of whatever you have earned which is why, out of the 100 diamond that is worth $50, you will only be able to keep $25.

How Do Coins Work on TikTok

Before we get into how much is 1000 TikTok coins, let us understand how do these coins work. If are you curious about how coins work, then you may read our article How Do Coins Work on TikTok to get a better understanding of how exactly things work.

If you haven’t used this in-app currency before, it can be quite perplexing. It is certainly a matter of curiosity in learning how much is 1000 TikTok coins or how much is 500 coins on TikTok or any other number. To earn them, you need to have a good fanbase, and to build one, all you need to do is post quality content and engage with your fans. The larger the fan base, the greater the likelihood of larger coin donations.

Once this criterion is fulfilled and the collection of a particular amount of coins is done, these coins are eligible to be converted into cash. Converting your coins into cash is a simple process. All you need to do is link your PayPal account and head to your coin balance page, where you can convert these coins into diamonds that can later be cashed out. The influencer on TikTok can cash out a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $1000 per day. The 1000 coins are represented by the I’m Very Rich emoji . You can later use the same coins to tip content creators in the form of emojis during the live stream all over again.

How Much are TikTok Coins Worth?

If you are wondering how much are TikTok coins worth, then you are on the right page. Now that you know how much is 1000 TikTok coins, how much is 35000 coins on TikTok let us understand how much are these worth or is it not worthy at all.

They are a sure-shot way of reaching and connecting with your beloved influencers on the very same platform and spoiling them by sending them those coins. As you must have come to know by reading so far, range from as low as 1.3 cents to as high as over $500, The Lion GIF and the TikTok Live stickers being the most expensive ones, they can be both cheap and expensive. 

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We hope that you were able to learn how much is 1000 TikTok coins. Feel free to ask all your doubts and do not forget to add your suggestions for the next thing you want to learn, in the comment section below.

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