How does Order of List of Followers on Instagram Work: Algorithm Explained

Decipher the algorithm that shapes your social media hierarchy!

In the world of social media, Instagram is truly ruling.

Keeping an insight and checking on your followers is equally important.

Now it’s time to uncover the order of the followers list on Instagram and understand your audience better.

order of list of followers on instagram

What is the Order of List of Followers on Instagram?

While Instagram doesn’t reveal the exact details of its algorithm, it is said that the order of followers depends on your recent followers.

The person who followed you most recently will come on the top and then the whole list will go in chronological order.

However, this algorithm might vary depending on the number of followers.

  • For accounts with less than 200 followers: The list tends to be alphabetical, using the registered full names of your followers.
    For accounts with more than 200 followers: It depends on several factors such as recent interaction, relationship, follower relevance, and Instagram account activity.

What are the Factors Affecting Instagram Followers/Following List Order?

The algorithm is not specifically disclosed by Instagram on the order of the followers and following.

However, there are several factors affecting IG followers/following list order.

  • Interaction: When you like, comment, share, or chat with a user the most and vice versa, then there are high chance that they will appear at the top of the list. The more you connect the more you’ll be at the top.
  • Mutual Followers: If you and a person have the most mutual followers, then there are high chance that they will appear on the top of the list.
  • Recent Followers: The recent followers on your account tend to appear higher. 
  • Famous Accounts: The accounts that are generally famous or influential appear at the top of the list.
  • Active Account: The activity level of a user is also considered. The more active a user is on the platform like if a user posts or interacts more, the higher they will appear.
  • Location: The location plays quite important role. If you and a person reside in the same area or share the same location then they will be shown at the top.

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How are Instagram Followers Sorted?

The Instagram followers are sorted on the basis of the following aspects:

  • The level of your interaction
  • Your connectivity and relationship with the user
  • The relevance of the followers
  • Arranged alphabetically if the account has less than 200 followers 

Are Instagram Followers in Order? 

Yes, the IG followers are in order depending upon various factors mentioned in the sections above.

Can You Reorder the Following List on Instagram?

Yes, unlike the followers list, you can reorder the following list on Instagram.

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How to Reorder Your Instagram Following List 

Follow the steps mentioned below to reorder the following list on Instagram:

Note: Remember, this will be temporary. When you open your following list again, it’ll go back to default.

1. Open Instagram and go to your profile.

2. Tap on the following on the top.

3. Tap on the arrow signs next to Sorted by Default.
Click on the arrows

4. Now, select either of the options for Sort by: Default, Date followed: Latest, and Date followed: Earliest.

Reorder the list

Now, your list will be arranged as you selected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are Instagram followers always shown in order? 

Ans. Yes, Instagram followers are always shown in order.

Q2. Is Instagram’s following still in chronological order? 

Ans. No, Instagram following is not in chronological order and is based on factors like engagement, preference, and many more.

Q3. Why do Instagram’s following and followers list orders change sometimes? 

Ans. IG following and followers list orders change sometimes because of different factors mentioned in the sections above. 

Q4. Can I see another Instagram user’s following list in order?

Ans. No, you cannot see another Instagram user’s following list in order as the algorithm respects the user’s privacy.

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To sum up, the order of your followers on Instagram is not just a random arrangement, but it goes way beyond that. 

Hope this article helped you with the order of the list of followers on Instagram.

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