How Do I Find Someone’s Birthday Online

Find out the birthday of your loved ones online and celebrate with them.

Looking for birthdays online is super easy when it comes to a person who is already famous or has a public presence.  However, it can be a little difficult to find out the birthdays of normal folks. In this blog, your doubts about how do I find someone’s birthday online on various platforms will be answered in detail. Along with that, you will be able to know about the birthday reminder apps as well as the bots.

How do I Find someone’s birthday online

How Do I Find Someone’s Birthday Online

Birthdays hold a deeper significance beyond gifts and parties, as they symbolize appreciation of the presence of our loved ones in our lives. It’s quite common to either not know or forget the birthday of someone you care about, more often than you might think. So, if you are looking for some ways to find their birthday, follow these methods!

Method 1: Use Social Platform

You can check the profile of that person on every social media platform and see someone’s birthday online easily. All you need to do is:

Note: For reference, we have used Instagram.

1. Log in to your Instagram account on the app.

2. Visit the profile of the person and check the bio section to find their birthday.


Method 2: Use Google Service

You can find someone’s birthday online by getting his/her email. Once you get the email, just follow these steps:

1. First, add the Email of the person to your contacts and save it.

First, add the Email of the person to your contacts and save it | how do I Find someone's birthday online

2. Once the contact is saved now open the Google Calendar app on your device.

3. Tap on the hamburger menu icon situated at the top left corner of the screen.

Tap on the hamburger menu icon

4. Scroll to the bottom of the navigation bar and tap on Settings.

5. Now, scroll to the bottom in Settings and tap on Birthdays.

Scroll to the bottom in Settings and tap on Birthdays

6. Tap on the Contacts option to enable sync.

Tap on the Contacts option to enable sync | how-do-i-find-someones-birthday-online

Once the calendar is refreshed, you will be able to see the birthday of the contact you saved.

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Method 3: Use Public Records

Another way to see someone’s birthday online is with the help of public records. You can visit government or private websites such as FamilySearch,, and VitalRec that offer public records of people for free. All you need to do is just sign-up on these websites and search for the public record of the person and you will get to know the date of birth, place of birth, and all other necessary information of the person.

Is there a Birthday App?

Yes, there are many birthday apps available for download on both iOS and Android devices. These apps are designed to help you find of someone’s birthday online and send them personalized wishes. Some popular birthday apps are:

  • Google Calendar
  • Birthday Reminder & Countdown
  • Birthdays: Reminder and Calendar
  • Happy Birthday Cards
  • Birthday Alarm

Is there a Birthday Bot?

Yes, there are many birthday bots available on various messaging platforms, including WhatsApp and Discord. These bots are designed to automatically send birthday wishes to your contacts on their special day. You just need to install these bots on your platform, enable contact sync, and send the automated birthday message. It is important to note that some birthday bots may have limitations, be sure to check them before using them.

Can I See Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp?

No, you cannot see or find someone’s birthday on WhatsApp. On WhatsApp, birthday of a person is not visible unless the user has added it to his/her About section. Also, there is no option for an individual to add a date of birth on the platform. However, you can still find if someone in your WhatsApp contacts has a birthday or not by just checking their status.

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How Do I Find Birthdays on Google

To find someone’s birthday online like on Google, just follow these steps:

Note: Birthdays of only renowned people are visible on Google and not every individual who does not have a public presence or notability.

1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC or mobile phone.

2. Now, click on the Google search bar and type the person’s name birthday and press Enter.

3. You can now see the Date of Birth of the person at the top of the search results.

Check the top of the search results | how do I Find someone's birthday online

We hope that this article has helped you know how do I find someone’s birthday online. In case of any queries or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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