How are Reviews? is a dating site engendered to cater to local singles who seek a sexual partner. This dating site with ubiquitous reliant users, allows its patrons to engage with fellow singles in a particular radius to find a casual date or a hookup. Although overshadowed by fellow titans like Tinder and Bumble, still manages to command a dedicated user base utilizing its services to fulfill their desire for amusement and stimulation. You might ask if is legitimate, and how are reviews. Today, we are going to discover the same. You will also get to know how can you tell if you’re chatting with bot and if Secret Flirt Island legit to use.

How are reviews

How are Reviews?

Stay tuned till the end of this article to learn more about the website. And then you can decide if you really want to make an account on it. We will also guide you on how to spot fake profiles easily to keep your platform experience unhindered.

Is Messaging Free on Flirt?

Yes. Messaging is free for female users of They can send around five daily messages about introducing themselves and forming preliminary liaisons.

Is a Real Website?

Yes, is a real and genuine website. website | How are Reviews? | you’re chatting with bot

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Is Legitimate?

Yes, is genuine and legitimate to use.

Is Full of Bots?

No. Although is notorious for its ineptness in expelling bots and charlatans; it is adequately inhabited by authentic users who pursue genuine interests. There is a plethora of dubious and suspicious profiles which are still present on the website because the administration refrains from removing them.

What are the Reviews for

The consensus finds very divisive, and many people are ambivalent in their opinion. Many reviewers label the site as incompetent and total garbage, while some applaud the website’s mechanisms and the way it operates. Some consider the website enjoyable, and others dub it a farce and a sham. The reviews vary with their experience. Keep reading to find out how to identify of you’re chatting with bot on

Is Legit?

Yes, Flirt com is a legit, authentic, and genuine website. Some of the reviews show that is legitimate.

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Is Secret Flirt Island Legit?

Yes, Secret Flirt Island is also a legit, authentic, and genuine website.

How Can You Tell If You’re Chatting with Bot?

While going through the reviews, you might wonder whether the site is full of bots, as stated by a few. Below are the tips to know if you’re chatting with a bot:

  • Repetitive and Insipid Replies to your Messages: A chatbot will respond to the user with an array of messages that are repetitive and convey the same general information regardless of the direction of the conversation.
  • Unable to Continue in a Pattern: A chatbot will be unable to follow the pattern and trajectory of a conversation and will often display erratic behavior. It would make inconsistent replies because it is programmed to text a definite message within certain intervals of time
  • Unable to Discern Emotions: A bot cannot discern the gravity of your emotions and will often respond facetiously. It will convey rudimentary messages instead of trying to understand the depth and nuance of what you are trying to communicate.
  • Rudimentary Vocabulary: The vocabulary demonstrated by a chatbot will be extremely limited, and the user will be able to notice a recurrence of the exact words.
  • Lack of Uniqueness in the Profile Description: The user has seen countless such accounts where the profile picture is occupied by a nondescript image and the bio seems derivative of other similar pages.
  • Imitation of the Counterpart’s Speech: The bot will often paraphrase what the user says and try to mimic the user’s pattern and intonation.

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How Can You Spot a Fake Dating Profile?

Below are some of the ways in which you can spot a fake dating profile:

  • Absence of Certain Information in their Profile: You will notice a gaping emptiness in their bio, or their content and descriptions seem spurious and simply implausible.
  • Posted Only One Photo: You will notice the presence of only a single photo or the lack of any other meaningful content. Usually, the page will have a profile picture that is flagrantly derivative of others. This observation can also be seen in some reviews that term this site a sham.
  • Lack of Friends and Genuine Followers: You will notice an absence of friends on their accounts. Their followers are usually non-existent, but bot accounts with similar profile pictures and usernames.
  • Located in Foreign Regions: They will usually be located in a place foreign to your current domicile.
  • Urge the Conversation to Another Domain: They will request you to communicate with them on another app or social media site as they lure you into their clutches.
  • Erroneous Messages: Their messages will be riddled with grammatical errors and narrative inconsistencies.
  • Send Links to Useless, Vacuous Sites: They will send you links to surveys, malware, or pornographic content.
  • Tries to Derive Personal Details: They will try to extract sensitive personal information like your bank details without getting to know you.
  • Desires to Engage in Intimacy without Proper Ceremony or Introductions: They may abruptly text you for sexting or sexual liaisons without properly acquainting themselves.
  • Turning Down Voice or Video Call: They will demonstrate a staunch aversion to video calls or voice calls, for it will jeopardize their catfishing endeavor.
  • Continuous Torrent of Excuses to Avoid Meeting in Person: They may deliver excuses to avoid meeting you in person or going on a date.
  • Narratives Riddled with Contradictions and Inconsistencies: Their messages will display unsettling inconsistencies that are often ridiculously overt.
  • Appear Surreally Alluring: Their introductions and profile may seem like the epitome of desirability, but it is not what it seems.


We hope that you learned about how are reviews. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.

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