Grok AI vs ChatGPT: Which is Better?

Will Grok lock horns with ChatGPT?

In recent months, the tussle between human intelligence and artificial intelligence has escalated into a clash of AI vs AI. While ChatGPT is already a prominent player, Grok AI has recently emerged as a contender, challenging the capabilities of existing chatbots. All these options offer unique capabilities to cater to your diverse needs, but which one should you choose? Today’s blog will be a showdown of Grok AI vs ChatGPT, along with other chatbots such as Bard and Llama to determine which might be better suited for specific use cases. Let’s begin.

Grok AI vs chatGPT

Grok AI vs ChatGPT

Grok AI and ChatGPT are both conversational AI models. While the latter has already gained huge recognition globally, the former is a new entrant. Grok provides instinctive reactions to real-time data and is available to X Premium+ subscribers in the US. Here’s a table for easy comparison:

  Grok AI ChatGPT
Owned By Elon Musk Open AI
Data sources Real-time data from the X platform Diverse and extensive dataset
Availability Limited beta testing Publicly accessible
Purpose To work as a powerful research assistant to provide relevant information. To understand context, generate relevant responses, and engage in conversational exchanges.
Visual Input Does not support visual input. Supports visual input
User Interface More intuitive and engaging interface User-friendly interface
Strengths Real-time information, intuitive responses Large dataset, generate creative text formats
Weaknesses Restricted accessibility, less established Lack of real-time information, potential for bias
Pricing Its premium version costs $16 per month. Free basic version and a ChatGPT plus subscription at $20 monthly.

We have covered most of the key features of these AI platforms in the given table, now let’s compare some more key highlights to finalize a more accurate conclusion:

Trained Data and Web Access

  • Grok-1 goes a step further by incorporating current X data when producing responses. However, it’s worth noting that Grok-1 doesn’t utilize the entirety of the web for its data sources.
  • In contrast, ChatGPT can tap into near real-time Bing data, using its advanced feature known as web search.

Performance and Benchmarks

  • The Grok-1 large language model has demonstrated its capabilities by surpassing benchmarks like HumanEval and MMLU.
  • On comparing Grok-1 with GPT-4, the pinnacle model of the ChatGPT series maintains a significantly superior performance level.


  • Grok-1 achieved a score of 73% on the Mathematics Middle-Level Understanding (MMLU) test and 63.2% on the HumanEval coding assignment.
  • When compared with ChatGPT, xAI has notably enhanced Grok-1’s performance within a brief timeframe.

Use Cases

  • ChatGPT-4 has been actively driving multiple AI tools and applications across various sectors and has a wide range of use cases in fields like finance, health, and education.
  • In contrast, Grok AI is a recently launched chatbot and its use cases are not as extensive as that of ChatGPT.

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Is Grok Better than ChatGPT?

Elon Musk made a comparison between Grok with another chatbot by asking a question based on his recent interview with Joe Rogan, and based on the results he claimed that Grok has more real-time information as compared to the other one.

However, the answer to which of the two AI models is better solely depends on your use case. However, data from the GSM8k benchmark shows that Grok performed better than GPT-3.5 and LLaMa 2, but not much more than Palm 2, Claude 2, and GPT-4 when it came to solving middle school-level math word problems. Hence, Grok-1 can exceed other AI models in the future.

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Grok vs Bard

Bard is Google’s conversational AI chatbot that uses NLP and machine learning to generate human-like responses. While it is a highly capable LLM, here is how it differed from xAI’s Grok:


  • Grok is priced at $160 annually and is curated for users with specific, more demanding requirements.
  • Bard is available for free and it’s proficient in nuanced tasks where subtlety and finesse are paramount.

Performance and Benchmark

  • Grok-1 has shown better performance by 0.4% – 15.1% in four key benchmarks which are GSM8k, MMLU, HumanEval, and MATH.
  • Only Bard’s PaLM 2 model has shown better performance than Grok-1 by 5% – 17.8%.

Conversational Style

  • Grok AI exhibits a human-like conversational style, adding personality, and warmth to responses.
  • While Bard strikes a balance between technicality and a more natural conversational flow, providing accurate and abundant information to the user.

Use Cases

  • Bard can be used for data analysis, coding and debugging, content creation, and much more.
  • Grok AI is still under development, and its use cases are similar to those of other AI chatbots.

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Grok vs Llama

Grok-0 is trained with 33 billion parameters. This early model approaches LLaMA 2 (70B) capabilities on standard LM benchmarks but uses only half of its training resources. In the last two months, xAI has made significant improvements in reasoning and coding capabilities leading up to Grok-1, a state-of-the-art language model that is more powerful, achieving 63.2% on the HumanEval coding task and 73% on MMLU.

LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI), a state-of-the-art foundational large language model was launched by Meta. This large language model has been trained on various model sizes, ranging from 7 billion to 65 billion parameters. LLaMA operates by receiving a string of words as input and anticipating the next word to produce text. The training of this language model prioritized text from the top 20 languages with the highest number of speakers.

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Is Grok Better than Bard and Llama?

The best AI model depends on your specific needs. If you aim to craft creative text styles or gain a detailed response then Bard will suit your needs. On the other hand, if you desire a model that provides basic phrases while adding a conversational touch to its answers, Grok AI is more fitting. However, if you’re seeking a model that generates diverse and accurate text formats, ChatGPT is the right choice for you.

The competition between AI models and companies is rising at a high pace and they all are focused on delivering the best services to stay ahead. Let us know your thoughts on Grok AI vs ChatGPT and stay tuned to TechCult for more such comparison blogs.

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