Fix System Error 5 Access Denied in Windows 10

Windows 10 is a robust operating system, but it’s not immune to occasional errors. One such error is “System Error 5 – Access Denied,” which can be frustrating when it prevents you from performing certain tasks or accessing specific files or settings. If you’ve encountered this error and are seeking a solution, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll explore the common causes behind “System Error 5 – Access Denied” in Windows 10 and provide you with practical steps to resolve it, ensuring you regain access and control over your system.

Fix System Error 5 Access Denied in Windows 10

How to Fix System Error 5 Access Denied in Windows 10

System error 5 is access denied popup that Windows users can encounter when they try to install the software. It usually occurs due to a lack of permissions or when a user tries to download the software without admin rights, but in some cases, even admin accounts have faced system error 5. For instance, the access denied can be encountered while trying to run a command in Command Prompt without required privileges.

What Causes System Error 5?

System 5 error is an old problem that has been around since Windows 7. There are a couple of reasons that have been behind it, including:

  • Time synchronization issues with your Windows PC can lead to system error 5 access denied. To overcome this, enable time sync and set a correct time zone on your system.
  • It is also possible that your admin account is either disabled or wrong which is causing system error 5.
  • The need for special privileges like net use for some commands can also be a trigger for the error.
  • In case you are trying to access a remote computer and the required permission is missing, you can face error 5 on your system.

Even though the issue of error 5 has not been resolved and resettled to further versions of Windows, it is possible to fix the said error with a couple of methods listed below:

Method 1: Temporarily Disable Antivirus Software (If Applicable)

Sometimes, antivirus software on your system can recognize installed software as a false positive detection which can result in system error 5. Therefore, the best possible solution, in this case, is to either not have an antivirus on your system or simply disable it. You can temporarily switch off your antivirus and to do so you can read our thorough guide on How Disable Antivirus Temporarily on Windows 10. It will help you in a couple of ways in which you can perform this method on your PC.

Disable antivirus software

Method 2: Run Installer as Administrator

One of the main reasons behind system error 5 as discussed above is underprivileged authority while running the installer. So, to answer your question about how to stop access denied is to run the installer as an admin which will give you all the rights. This is quite an easy method to perform and the steps for the same are given below:

1. Right-click on the Windows icon and select the File Explorer option.

Open File Explorer

2. Locate and right-click on the installation file with the error.

Right click on the installation file. Fix System Error 5 Access Denied

3. Click on Run as administrator from the menu.

Click on Run as administrator

This straightforward fix will help you to run your file without system error 5.

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Method 3: Enable built-in admin account

If your built-in admin account has all the privileges and rights then it can help you with fixing system error 5. follow the steps below to enable the built-in admin account on your desktop:

1. Hit the Windows key, type Command Prompt, and click on Run as administrator.

Open Command Prompt and click on Run as administrator. Fix System Error 5 Access Denied

2. Type the given command and press the Enter key.

net user administrator /active:yes

Enter net user administrator active yes

3. Now, install the troubled file.

Once done, you can disable the built-in admin account by executing net user administrator /active:no command.

Method 4: Switch User Account to Admin Profile

If enabling the built-in account did not help you with how to stop access denied then you might want to try switching your user account to an admin profile to gain privileges of downloading files.

1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows + R keys simultaneously.

Open Run dialog box

2. Type netplwiz and hit the Enter key to open User Accounts.

Type netplwiz

3. Select a user profile other than admin and then click on Properties.

Click Properties. Fix System Error 5 Access Denied

4. Open the Group Membership tab and select Administrator.

In Group Membership tab select Administrator. Fix System Error 5 Access Denied

5. Click on Apply and then, OK.

Click on OK and Apply

Now that your account is converted to an admin profile, you can easily make downloads on your system without encountering an access denied prompt.

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Method 5: Tweak Security Permissions

If you are still struggling to get the privileges of an admin, then changing security permissions can help you fix error 5. You can do so on your system using the file explorer, for detailed instructions, follow the steps given below:

1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the given path from the address bar.


Enter appdata Local

2. Locate the folder named Temp and right-click on it.

Right click on Temp. Fix System Error 5 Access Denied

3. Click on Properties.

Click on Properties

4. Open the Security tab and click on Advanced.

In Security tab click on Advanced. Fix System Error 5 Access Denied

5. In the Permissions tab look for the user account and click on it.

6. Click on Remove and check the box for Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object.

Click on Remove and check the box

7. Click on Apply and then, OK.

Click on OK and Apply. Fix System Error 5 Access Denied

Method 6: Move installer to another drive

Another method to help you fix system error 5 access denied is by moving the troubled file to another drive on your system. This is quite an easy method and a simple approach to the troubled file.

1. Locate the installer in File Explorer.

Locate installer in File Explorer

2. Click and hold on to the installer and start dragging it to the other folder, in this case, move it to Drive C.

3. Click on Continue to complete the moving process.

Click on Continue. Fix System Error 5 Access Denied

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Method 7: Tweak UAC Settings

If none of the above-stated methods have helped you till now, you can try changing the UAC settings on your PC. User Account Control settings, when adjusted can help you in fixing system error 5 as follows:

1. Press the Win + X keys simultaneously and select the Run option.

Open Run

2. Type UserAccountControlSettings and hit the Enter key to launch User Account Control Settings.

Type UserAccountControlSettings

3. Now, drag the bar to Never notify and click OK.

Drag the bar to Never notify and click OK

Once it is done, restart the PC and check if system error 5 has been resolved.

Method 8: Perform System Restore

If none of the methods have worked for you till now regarding system error 5 access denied then you can try restoring Windows with system restore. It helps to bring the system back to a state without such known errors. You can easily restore your Windows with the help of our guide How to use System Restore on Windows 10.

Restore Windows with system restore

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I fix error 5 access denied?

Ans. You can fix error 5 access denied on your system by providing admin rights. Enable permissions that you must have to resolve the problem. You can also try enabling the admin account via command prompt and uninstalling the troubleshooter.

Q2. How can I bypass system error 5 in CMD?

Ans. Opening the command prompt in administrative mode can help you bypass system error 5 in CMD. Launch the command prompt with system privileges and then try the installation process.

Q3. How can I fix permissions denied on Windows 10?

Ans. You can easily fix permission denied on Windows 10 by enabling permissions to your user name or group in the properties of the file.

Q4. What does access denied mean on Windows?

Ans. Access denied is a prompt message which is displayed on Windows when you do not have admin rights. To resolve this issue, you need to gain permission access.

Q5. How can I get rid of access denied on Google Chrome?

Ans. You can get rid of access denied on Google Chrome by disabling antivirus software on your system, resetting the browser, and running a troubleshooter.

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We hope that our guide helped you thoroughly in fixing system error 5 access denied on your Windows. Let us know which fix was the most favorable in your case. If you have any further queries or suggestions to give about the topic, then leave them in the comments section below, we will get back to you at the earliest.

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